As a values-driven Republican voter, I can’t say I disagreed with the entirety of President Biden’s Wednesday night Joint Address to Congress, although there were several points that were deeply troubling and should be repulsive to any freedom-loving American.

If you’re a conservative, like me, and you found yourself agreeing with parts of Biden’s State of the Union Address (not really an official State of the Union, but basically the same thing), it’s likely because it was originally from former President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Biden essentially plagiarized much of Trump’s platform, while mixing in radical Leftist talking points, as Newsmax anchors covering the address expressly pointed out.

Taking credit for Trump’s success in fostering peace in the Middle East and negotiating the end of the Afghanistan war, Biden called for ending America’s longest war after his establishment cronies stoked the flames for more than 20 years.

In reality, his predecessor planned to remove US troops from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, and it was Biden who extended the war to September 11 of this year…and I won’t be holding my breath that he’ll actually follow through.

Echoing Trump’s calls to be “tough on China,” Biden affirmed the threat the Asian superpower poses to US interests. “I told [President Xi] that we welcome the competition and that we are not looking for conflict. But I made absolutely clear that I will defend American interests across the board,” said Biden.

On the same note, Biden urged the importance of “jobs, jobs, jobs”—one of Trump’s many campaign slogans to promote small businesses, US manufacturing, and curbing outsourcing. The president also encouraged the country to “Buy American,” but strayed from his predecessor by omitting the second half of that phrase, “Hire American.”

If not Americans, who would job creators hire?

Unless Biden’s referring to hiring the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants he’s allowing to surge the border, it doesn’t make sense to encourage job creation without hiring Americans.

Remember when Trump revealed that we now have the ability to potentially end cancer?

Not many people knew exactly what he meant when he would repeat this claim at rallies and various events, and it’s difficult to imagine why he wouldn’t simply unveil the cure to the deadly disease that has affected millions of Americans. However, if I were to guess why such an important cure is being withheld or not pursued, I would say two words: Big Pharma.

Biden reiterated Trump’s underreported message that the cure for cancer is indeed “within our reach” during his address.

As for the most hypocritical example of plagiarism from the president, Biden called to lower prescription drug prices when he’s the one who signed executive orders halting Trump’s actions to reduce drug prices.

In January, Biden halted implementation of Trump’s “Most Favored Nation” order, requiring pharmaceutical companies to give Americans the same low prices comparable Western nations receive, until at least 2023. Biden also halted two other Trump orders lowering the astronomically high price for Epi-pens and insulin and increasing prescription rebates for those on Medicare.

The president’s blatant hijacking and repackaging of Trump’s agenda, which Biden himself campaigned against, is shameful. And I’m not convinced that he has any intentions of following through with these five points more than he is trying to deceive Americans into thinking he’s not the extremist we all know him to be.but