Sleepy Joe has a problem…

Well, to be honest, he has a LOT of problems, but this problem in particular could prove harmful to the United States.

You see, Biden’s problem is the fact that he doesn’t have an identity as a President.

His only real identity is that he’s NOT Trump and his only focus is removing Trump’s legacy, regardless of whether it’s harmful to Americans or not.

He doesn’t know WHO he is as the leader of the free world…

And that’s going to be a big problem going forward.


Because until he knows who he is as a President, he’ll never BE the leader that the world looks to; he’ll just be the guy that ISN’T Trump.

And you can’t respect or listen to a guy that doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t have a clear plan, let alone a plan for democratic victory.

No other world leader is going to give this guy the kind of respect they gave Trump or any of his predecessors. Biden is neither a solid ally nor a worthy adversary.

He’s simply NOT Trump.

Now, he’s spent most of his first month in office trying his best to erase any trace of #45 in both policy and influence on our country.

Biden Has No Identity And Therefore No True Leadership

He’s basically put a stop to ALL of Trump’s memorandums and executive orders—at least for the foreseeable future—and that seems to be the way this administration is going.

Except now Biden has a new tactic that he’ll be employing that flies in the face of his anti-Trump efforts: taking credit for Trump’s successes instead of erasing them.

But what’s even better than Biden taking credit for Trump’s wins?

Biden getting caught for taking credit for Trump’s wins by those of us on the Right that find this sort of thing both funny, enlightening, and entertaining.

If you missed the recent exchange between State Department spokesman Ned Price and Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, then you missed something fun.

Lee asked Price if the Biden administration was taking credit for former president Donald Trump’s accomplishments during a briefing after Price told reporters that the US has seen progress from European companies moving out of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany.

If you remember, this was a point of contention for Trump with Germany, and he pressured them to get out of the agreement with Russia because dealing with Vladimir Putin set a bad precedent.

Trump also threatened sanctions against companies that worked with Russia if they continued to support the Nord pipeline (weird how they called Trump “Putin’s puppet” even though he actively worked against Russian interests).

Price told reporters that the companies have made “good-faith efforts to wind down activities related to Nord Stream 2” and that these efforts “demonstrates that the legislative goals and our actions are having a good effect.”

And that’s when the AP’s Lee pounced!

Holding The Biden Administration To Task

The AP reporter said, “You guys have only been in office for a month, right? Are you telling me that in the last four weeks these 18 companies all of the sudden decided to say, ‘Oh my God! We better not doing anything with Nord Stream 2’?”

And I get why he asked – because that’s what I was thinking too. Which may be why he asked the more pointed question: “You guys are taking credit for stuff the previous administration did. Yes or no?”

Of course, a shocked Price tried to backpedal out of it, saying “I am speaking for the Department of State, the people who have been working this. The people who are working this now were the same people a month ago [and] the same people three months ago.”


We know it’s been in progress.

We know that the State Department has been working hard on this…

But when he says “our actions” and not the “combined actions of the previous and current administration,” then he’s saying something without actually saying it—and now he’s just mad that he got caught.

Good on Matt Lee for taking Price to task…

This is what journalism TRULY looks like…

Not just badgering a spokesman because it’s the “cool” thing to do – but actually holding their feet to the fire and holding them accountable for their words and policies.

That’s what the Fourth Estate SHOULD be doing…

It could be one of the keys to actually saving our country.


“Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporter’s gallery yonder, there sat a fourth estate more important far than they all.” — Thomas Carlyle