Is nothing sacred?

The NFL has been politicized for years, so it comes as no surprise that the Super Bowl would be ridden with SJW stunts and even a message from the president.

But during a time where every single aspect of our lives has been infiltrated by politics after a year of unprecedented and intense events, most Americans just want to be left alone.

We just experienced a full year of canceled sports, concerts, restaurant outings, movie showings, and any other fun activity you could think of. The least they (the government) could do is let us be for the Super Bowl.

Now, I’m no football fan—I can’t say I’ve ever watched an entire game, or gotten excited about any Super Bowl—but this year I watched it out of pure desperation for a semblance of how life used to be.

I wanted to see the funny commercials, the halftime performance, and even the game itself, simply because this was the only event in more than a year that had any form of apolitical entertainment.

Sure, there were Trump rallies, but other than that, everything else was canceled.

But leave it to Joe Biden to throw a wrench into having a politics- and stress-free Super Bowl.

Lacking any sense of self-awareness, Joe and Jill Biden filmed a one-minute special message to urge America to continue wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and “get vaccinated when it’s your turn,” they said. The Bidens then held a moment of silence for the lives taken by COVID-19.

But the audience live in Tampa, Florida, did not take kindly to their appearance.

Videos where you can hear the President and First Lady getting booed by Super Bowl attendees and spectators on the outside immediately went viral on social media.

Turns out Americans are sick and tired of seeing anything and everything get politicized in general, but also the “pandemic” itself is getting old.

People want to go back to living normal, fun, carefree lives, but while that seems to be months away for now, the powers-that-be could at least have let us have the Super Bowl.