All of you who were bamboozled into believing that Biden was going to give you ANYTHING he promised during his campaign are suckers.

We told you that there was NO way that he would make good on his promises. He’s flip-flopped on so many issues that it’s almost impossible to figure out where he actually stands.

But see, we knew where he stands…and it’s not on the side of the people.

If there is one thing Joe Biden has been consistent with his whole life, it’s his interest in one thing and one thing only: Power.

Joe Biden may be one of the most power-hungry politicians of the last hundred years.

Everything this man has said or done in the political arena was to gain himself or his party more power—and the only reason he would help the party gain power was that he knew it would help him get more.

You can tell he had a chip on his shoulder running for Vice President with Barack Obama. He very clearly thought that it should have been him with the nomination and Obama should have been HIS running mate, not the other way around—and you could just see in his demeanor the entire time.

But he took the VP job anyway.

If you can’t be the lead singer, might as well be the lead guitarist, right?

Joe’s Quest For Power

However, for some reason, Joe didn’t run in 2016.

Some say it was health issues, others say that party leadership told him to let Hillary get a crack at it. Either way, Biden allowed the former First Lady an easy path to the nomination…and things didn’t go her way.

2020 was a different story.

In Spring of 2019, Biden announced that he’d be running for president – and the weird fact that his former boss wouldn’t endorse him until he won the nomination (another weird happenstance, since Bernie was KILLING him in the beginning) is telling of what DNC leadership thought of him.

However, after winning the nomination, Biden got out on the campaign trail to…oh wait, no he didn’t. Thanks to COVID, he spent most of the campaign season hiding in a basement—but he still put out his campaign agenda on his website and had people posting for him on social media (his OWN accounts, not those of his supporters).

He pushed a lot of things…

Higher minimum wage, fewer guns, no border walls, more clean energy, blah, blah blah.

However, one thing that people were willing to bet would happen was that Joe would find a way to forgive all student loans, or at the very least a BIG portion of them.

But like the dreams of him actually uniting the country, these dreams too have been shattered.

It seems that Biden is reversing course on that promise, and after arriving back at the White House from a weekend at Camp David, it’s rumored that he will be dropping student loan forgiveness from next week’s budget.

Joe Flips Again

Before his political side kicked in, he promised that he would be canceling up to $10,000 of debt per student—but that announcement appears to have been nixed from his agenda and won’t be in next week’s budget reveal.

Obviously, this isn’t going to make the more “progressive” members of the Democrat Party very happy—especially seeing as people like AOC and Elizabeth Warren wanted him to quintuple that number and pay off $50,000.

But Biden’s administration has said that that they would prefer Congress pass a bill canceling the debt rather than doing so through executive order—or, as we like to call it, following the democratic process.

Are you surprised at the flip, though?

Are you truly flabbergasted that Joe would switch stances on something like this?

He used this issue just like he used all the gullible voters that believed he would have their best interests at heart. Once he got power, it all went by the wayside.

He’ll kick the can down the road…

Just like every other career politician has done before him.

And they wonder why we voted for Trump, one of the most prolific promise-keeping presidents of all time?


Lemmings, all of them.


“They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it.” – Red Cloud


Editor’s Note:

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