On Wednesday, Sleepy Joe Biden emerged from his basement for the first time in 89 days to answer questions from reporters. Let’s just say that describing the questions from the ogling media as “softball” is an understatement. The questions were more like a beachball being lobbed across the plate for him to hit.

Throughout the press conference, Biden referred to his notes constantly and looked over to the side to see if he still had time to take questions. It’s as if he was being coached by his staff the whole time, and they seemed to have advised him to not take too many questions, avoiding a classic Biden gaffe.

By regular Biden standards, he actually did fine. However, that is grading on a curve when it comes to Joe Biden given his history of blundering. Ostensibly, the purpose of the presser was to explain his policies for handling the coronavirus pandemic if elected…most of which contained many of the actions President Trump has already taken.

So, instead of offering up new solutions, he used Trump’s playbook while at the same time, criticizing the president for not doing enough. Try and figure that logic out.

One of the only tough questions was asked was by a Fox News reporter, who asked the former vice president about whether he was declining cognitively. Now, if a presidential nominee is being asked that question at all, you know the candidate has some issues. Biden responded by saying, “I’ve been tested, I’m constantly tested. Look, all you’ve got to do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.

Yes, he really said that. Not only does he make the claim that he could compete on a debate stage with Trump but he also admitted to being “constantly tested” to determine his cognitive capability. Talk about a giant red flag.

How was that not the major headline on every political publication in America? Of course, that was a rhetorical question. We all know that the media are the protectors of the liberal elite.

Here is a perfect example of the media’s fawning coverage of Biden. Politico published a story with the following headline: “Scenes from Biden’s first encounter with the media in months: The Trump campaign took credit for smoking Biden out of his basement — only to see him give a gaffe-free performance.”

The piece wasn’t written as an op-ed but was instead presented as a serious piece of journalism. What happened to just reporting the news and not opining in a non-editorial section report?

The story continued:

“It had been nearly three months since he held his last news conference, and that one took place in a choppy virtual setting. In his absence, Biden has faced relentless badgering from the president and his allies, who accused him of hiding out at home and challenged his mental acuity. On Tuesday, Trump’s campaign took credit for smoking out the former vice president. But whatever fire they were hoping would consume him didn’t seem to catch…

Biden couldn’t have picked a more fortuitous time to reemerge. His 20-minute speech tearing into Trump for mishandling the coronavirus was carried live by all three cable networks. So too was his 30-minute question-and-answer session, which came moments after Anthony Fauci warned that daily new cases of the virus could surpass 100,000. If that wasn’t fodder enough for the Democrat, reports that Russia offered bounties for killing U.S. troops — and questions about what Trump did or didn’t know about it — have consumed the White House for days.”

Even though by his own standards, Biden did fine, but that isn’t saying much. He clearly isn’t with it anymore. The whole event was planned out and orchestrated by his campaign, and he has little energy. It truly was a “sleepy” performance.

So even though this conference went well overall, we still need to ask ourselves the important question: is this really the guy we want running the country?