Has the Biden administration finally realized that Trump’s border wall was a good idea to deter illegal migration after all?

While rumors have circulated that Biden is considering continuing border wall construction along the full US-Mexico border, it seems that they decided to target only one specific section: the Rio Grande Valley.

Fox News confirmed the United States Army Corps of Engineers will reportedly restart construction on a 13.4 mile stretch of levee in the valley, which is one of the most treacherous areas of the US-Mexico border.

Officials clarified the construction set to begin in six weeks will only include repairs and a wall to prevent flooding.

USACE Deputy Director of Public Affairs Maj. Grace Geiger told The Hill that construction is resuming in areas of the Rio Grande valley “that were partially excavated or at various levels of construction when work on the wall was paused for review.”

The border wall will not be expanded beyond the levee.

The decision comes after months of complaints from Texas residents as well as local politicians, Fox reporter Bill Melugin said on Twitter.

Of course, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement to clarify that the move is not intended to keep illegal immigrants out, rather it is to keep migrants safe.

Building a wall on the levee is just one “initial” step “to protect the border communities from physical dangers resulting from the previous administration’s approach to border wall construction,” DHS wrote.

To deflect any possibility that the move could be taken as a continuation of Trump’s border policy, the agency reaffirmed Biden’s open borders.

“On his first day in office, President Biden issued a Proclamation terminating the redirection of funds diverted for border wall construction, pausing all wall construction to the extent permitted by law, and requiring Federal agencies to develop a plan for funds concerning the Southern Border wall,” DHS stated.

In the Biden administration’s pursuit to do what’s best for noncitizens, they leave the best interest of American citizens behind. After months of silence on the border crisis, they have nothing more to offer than a plan to protect the safety of illegal immigrants.