Joe Biden fully owns the catastrophic withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. The buck stops with him, and there are no excuses he can make that will exempt him from his failure.

He has tried to claim that all his advisors were supportive of his troop withdrawal plan…but that claim is false.

According to the Daily Wire, “Gen. Austin Miller, the Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan from 2018 through July of this year, reportedly warned Democrat President Joe Biden against withdrawing all forces from Afghanistan, and he strongly pushed back against intelligence reports that said the Afghan military could hold off the Taliban for 1-3 years, indicating that they would collapse significantly faster.”

It is now also being reported that Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also advised Biden against his planned withdrawal of forces.

The New York Post reported, “President Biden overruled Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who advised him to slow the military withdrawal in Afghanistan, according to a new book being published next week.

In ‘Peril,’ the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Robert Costa write that Austin and Blinken cautioned against a rapid drawdown — which eventually led to the deaths of 13 US service members — but Biden was resolute after seeing the war drag on for two decades and watching how the military and national security advisers boxed in then-President Barack Obama when he wanted to pull out.”

Biden can’t even claim that he was just following the advice of his top advisors anymore now that that cat is out of the bag.

It is bad enough that Biden screwed up the Afghanistan exit so poorly, but it is even worse that he is lying about his failures.

He told the nation that Afghanistan would never fall to the Taliban in July. Just one month later, the entire country was in the hands of the Taliban.

He claims that the intelligence community told him that the Taliban wouldn’t be able to take over the country so soon—another lie, because a twelve-year-old with commons sense could have told him it was going to happen. It doesn’t take a trained CIA analyst to predict that.

Biden claimed that the fall of Afghanistan would produce no similar images to what happened at the fall of Saigon ending the Vietnam War in 1975.

Well, one month after Biden made that claim, choppers were seen airlifting Americans from the U.S. Embassy, and scores of Afghans tried to jump onto moving planes leaving the Kabul International Airport.

President Biden promised the Afghan president that the US would continue to provide air support and intelligence, but by August 14, air support and air maintenance personnel were evacuated from the country.

The President promised that “those Afghans who have worked alongside us, served alongside of us, gone into combat with us and provided invaluable assistance to us” would be evacuated.

Another lie.

A senior State Depart told NBC News that “the majority of Afghans who helped” the United States “didn’t make it out of Kabul.” The official didn’t have the number of special immigrant visa applicants who remain in Afghanistan but said “it’s the majority of them.”

Joe Biden is responsible for the catastrophic exit from Afghanistan. He has destroyed our credibility on the world stage, and he has blood on his hands for the deaths of 13 Americans, and countless others who will no doubt be slaughtered for supporting our war efforts over the past 20 years.

Or, to paraphrase the anti-Bush protesters during the Iraq War, “Biden lied, and people died.”