Democrats have such low confidence in Joe Biden that it took a VP announcement to raise campaign funds that even come close to Trump’s fundraising numbers. Why should anyone, regardless of party, support a candidate that they wouldn’t trust to stand alone? We should have presidential nominees who choose VPs to complement their abilities, not complete them as in the case of the newly-formed Biden-Harris ticket.

Because, let’s be realistic, without Kamala Harris, Biden would be even more lost than he already is. Biden didn’t even have the wherewithal to announce his VP pick in person or in video form. Instead, he emailed and texted his supporters.

Following Joe Biden announcing Kamala Harris as his VP on Tuesday night, Democrat fundraising platform ActBlue reported that at least $10.8 million dollars poured in within just four hours of the announcement. While the Biden campaign has yet to confirm any specific number, the New York Times predicts about $8 million of that could go to the Biden camp.

The Biden campaign posted a late-night tweet hinting at record-breaking campaign fundraising: “Thanks to supporters like you, we are on track to have our biggest fundraising day ever. Together, we can win this. Join us,” he wrote.

For comparison, President Trump’s single highest campaign fundraising day hit a total of $14 million on his birthday in June. Prior to that, his single-day record was $10 million about three weeks prior to winning the election against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Just last week, the Trump campaign and RNC revealed that they surpassed the $1 billion mark for the 2020 cycle and raised $165 million in July. This fundraising haul is the campaign’s record amount thus far, up $30 million from the month of June.

Whereas the Biden campaign and the DNC raised a lesser amount of $140 million last month, which is still a massive feat for him compared to his painfully low numbers in Q1.

However, ActBlue saw multiple record fundraising days during the month of June amid the George Floyd protests – when Black Lives Matter conned supporters into unknowingly donating to Democrats. Perhaps this is how Biden managed to gain such a drastic increase in campaign contributions.

Both campaigns are nearly tied at about $295 million in cash on-hand available in their war chests.

While Biden still lags slightly behind Trump as far as fundraising, he seems to be catching up, and that is something that should raise some conservative eyebrows. The Kamala Harris pick may be exactly what Biden needed to give him enough edge to pose even a small threat to Trump.

Now that he has a running mate, it will be especially important to pay attention to enthusiasm levels and fundraising numbers as the election intensifies ahead of November.