When it rains, it pours…and right now, in the Biden campaign, it’s absolutely raining cats and dogs. Creepy Joe is having a rough go of it right now.

First, his detractors are pointing out how he seems to be in a state of cognitive decline, unable to remember Barack Obama’s name, what state he’s in, or the fact that he’s running for the presidency and not the Senate. With each gaffe he makes, the stigma of a weakened mental state is getting harder and harder to shake.

But that’s not all that’s going on. Creepy Joe is also being accused of being…well… creepy. Former Senate staffer Tara Reade has accused him of sexually assaulting her when she worked for him back in 1993. Reade has multiple corroborators and has provided details of this assault, and the case isn’t looking good for the former Vice President, with sources saying he’s under an official investigation by DC police.

Regardless of whether he did it or not, it’s hard to stay focused on a presidential campaign when you’ve got a sexual assault charge hanging over your head.

Biden Not As Safe As He Thought

Something else that’s hanging over Biden’s head is a recently-leaked phone call between Creepy Joe and the former president of Ukraine, in which the then-vice president uses a billion-dollar foreign aid package to leverage the Ukrainian leader into a political quid pro quo, terminating an investigation into his son Hunter.

Between the video evidence we already had and this new recording, it’s readily apparent that Joe Biden actually did everything the Left and the mainstream media accused Trump of doing during the impeachment trial.

None of this is good for the American people.

As we round the home stretch to the November election, voters will find themselves choosing between the controversial Donald Trump and the cognitively-challenged—and seemingly law-breaking—Joe Biden.

In this fight, Biden is going to need all the help he can get, right?

Well, that’s where another problem comes into play because it doesn’t seem like he’s going to get as much support as he expects. A big segment of the voter base may have just left him high and dry, and it could spell disaster in November.

Bernie Sanders supporters are a different breed of voters. While they were borderline fanatical in their support for Sanders, that didn’t carry over to any other Leftist candidates. When it comes to the rest of the DNC’s offerings this election season, the socialists don’t think any of them are Leftist enough.

This huge group of disappointed potential voters may come back to bite Biden in the butt. He may have gotten the support of Bernie himself, but Sanders’ supporters are less than enthusiastic about getting behind Creepy Joe.

Why? Because they’re angry at Biden.

They’re angry that he beat Bernie, and they’re focusing their anger on the man they feel is responsible for driving their hero out of the race. They’re not exactly flocking to Trump either, but they clearly refuse to accept Creepy Joe as their leader.

Bernie Bros Turning Their Back On Biden

Bernie’s former campaign advisor Jeff Weaver recently revealed what those people are thinking, and it’s not looking good for Biden’s White House bid.

“If all of Sanders’ base turned out for Joe Biden in November, he could defeat Trump and take back the White House for Democrats. Here’s the problem: significant portions don’t currently plan to.”

Uh oh…

“Significant portions” is political speak for “a whole heck of a lot.”

Remember, part of what led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 was comparatively low Democratic voter turnout, and that factor more than anything is what helped Trump clinch the victory.

Without Bernie’s supporters behind Biden, he may be dead in the water. Weaver also said that Sanders’ supporters are “currently unsupportive and unenthusiastic” about Biden—probably because he’s not far-Left enough.

In fact, there are really only TWO ways that Biden can fully get Bernie’s supporters in his corner. He can either follow in Bernie’s footsteps and become a socialist, or he can pick Bernie as his running mate.

Other than that, it doesn’t look good for Biden grabbing Bernie’s people in November…unless that grabbing is from behind and accompanied by hair-sniffing.


“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” – Vince Lombardi