For years now, people have been talking about why the Iran Nuclear Deal (or as it’s known in government circles, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action/ JCPOA) was a terrible idea not just for America, but for the world.

This deal put BILLIONS of dollars in Iran’s hands…

Dollars that they have used against America and their other enemies in a multitude of different ways—and that just seems like a terrible idea for our country to fund its own enemies.

However, that’s exactly what the Iran Nuclear deal did…

And the fact is, it didn’t even work. Iran still had weapons-grade plutonium enrichment facilities up and running even when they were supposed to be shutting them down.

There’s a reason why, when inspectors went into the country to investigate whether Iran was keeping up their side of the bargain, they were delayed for weeks or turned away completely instead of opening up their facilities and being transparent.

Do you know who is transparent?

Someone with nothing to hide.

Do you know who’s NOT transparent?

People who are trying to hide something…

And by their actions, it really seems like Iran has been trying to hide something about its potential nuclear arsenal.


Trump knew the deal was a terrible one…

So, he did what any other good businessman would have done when looking at a bad deal: he tore it up and told the Iranian government they could go kick rocks.

No more money to fund terrorist plots…

No more money to create weapons to be used against Americans…

No more money to oppress freedom in their very own country.

This move shocked the world, and there were many Liberal-learning governments that were angry over it…

But Trump didn’t care.

And when the regime tried to retaliate, Trump took it a step further and put even MORE sanctions on the country, limiting their ability to make money more than it already had been.

This is how Trump kept the country in line…

Oh, and also taking out the leader of Iran’s terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard, General Qasem Soleimani.

Eliminating Soleimani was a huge win for America and the world—but it was decried by the Liberals, which was beyond baffling.

Trump made sure Iran realized they weren’t on America’s level by keeping them firmly under his thumb.


It looks like all of that is about to change, as Biden and his administration are considering giving Iran EVERYTHING it wants by completing an almost TOTAL rollback of some of Trump’s most stringent sanctions.

Why Is Sleepy Joe Ready To Give Iran EVERYTHING?!

So, after Iran BROKE the terms of the deal and Trump called them out/ sanctioned them for it…

Sleepy Joe is ready to give them everything they want just to get the Iranian regime back into a deal they weren’t keeping in the first place.

Even worse, American officials have become increasingly more GENEROUS about what they might be prepared to give the Iranians, who have been demanding that all penalties and sanctions be removed.

However, one can only hope that, if Biden is indeed considering doing this, he bears in mind the fact that the Trump-era sanctions had a lot more to do with terrorism than just nuclear sanctions.

Iran is demanding the removal of all sanctions…

And if Biden doesn’t lift at least some of them—and lift them soon—then Iran says it won’t agree to halt its nuclear activities barred by the JCPOA.

And while nobody really knows which sanctions Biden is thinking of lifting…critics say that any lifting of sanctions will be bad!

Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation of Defense of Democracies said, “The administration is looking to allow tens of billions of dollars into the coffers of the regime even if it means lifting sanctions on major entities blacklisted for terrorism and missile proliferation. They’re even looking to give the regime indirect access to the US dollar through the US financial system so that international companies can clear transactions with Iran through the US dollar.”

And that would be BAD, folks.

Let’s hope SMARTER heads take the lead here. Sleepy Joe should really understand that Iran wants nothing more than to DESTROY America – and they will use any money GIFTED to them to make it happen

But of course…that would mean that Joe would have to care about America in the first place.


“You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.” – Denzel Washington