There is a HUGE problem at our southern border.

We have immigrants pouring in by the thousands, and it’s happening because Joe Biden all but told them to come during the runup to the 2020 election.

They were ready and raring to go, and as soon as Biden nixed ALL of the Trump-era border security measures, they saw it as their opportunity to come to the United States.

However, nobody was expecting the number of people that showed up at the border, and every last point-of-entry facility was caught off-guard with no idea how to handle such an influx of people.

So what did Biden do?

He called in the National Guard.

But even that has not been enough to address the issue. Our housing facilities for illegal immigrants are 500% to 1500% above capacity, so there’s nowhere to put these people.

It’s gotten so bad that now, in Texas, immigrants are being kept under a bridge, reminiscent of the Cuban Muriel Boat Lift immigrants who were forced to live beneath the underpasses in Miami, Florida.

Right now, there are roughly 8,200 migrants being kept under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, most of them migrants from Haiti who came after the Caribbean island was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last month.

But because our facilities are so inundated with South American migrants, there’s nowhere to put these people…

And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

He chooses to ignore what is going on down at our border. He hasn’t even visited yet.

It’s shameful…

But it’s par for the course for Sleepy Joe and his fellow Liberal cohorts.

This is Biden’s America…

Get used to it.


“It is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor.” – Eric Hoffer