As it turns out, Americans seem to value their independence and medical freedom more than they respect the Biden administration’s lofty goal to get “shots in arms,” as the dehumanizing phrase goes, of 70 percent of Americans.

Don’t get me wrong, some people want and/or need the vaccine to prevent themselves from getting deathly ill from COVID-19. And of course, those who are elderly or have multiple pre-existing conditions are at higher risk.

But, the vast majority of healthy, low-risk Americans don’t need to get the vaccine, nor should they feel pressured to get it because the government said so.

In my opinion, there are far more advantages to not getting the coronavirus vaccine.

If people resist the government’s urges to inject them with the vaccine, they maintain future medical freedom in the event that another pandemic-like situation happens again. They also protect themselves from potential complications from a relatively untested vaccine with unknown future side effects. And lastly, they maintain independence from government officials who have the best interests of their wallets in mind rather than those of the American people.

On that note, I’m actually glad to report that as of now, the Biden administration is set to miss their July 4 vaccination goal to get 70 percent of Americans vaccinated with at least one shot.

As of right now, they have fallen drastically short with less than half of their stated goal.

“150 million Americans fully vaccinated, 70% of everyone over 30 with one shot — and more to come before July 4th,” Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, said on Tuesday.

The fact that just about 44 percent of the US population has received the vaccine ahead of July 4 sends a strong message to the Biden administration that they won’t be told what to do, especially on Independence Day.

If there’s any one day of the year that the government should steer clear of telling Americans how to live their lives, it’s the 4th of July. But this is yet another example of the tone-deaf Biden administration.