Following four years of relative peace in the Middle East under the pro-Israel Trump administration—an administration that was beloved by Israelis—relations between Israel and Palestine have quickly devolved after just a few months of a Biden presidency.

Israel is under attack once again, as the terrorist group Hamas appears to be emboldened under the Biden administration that has steered clear of being Israel’s strongest ally.

Until now, that is.

Despite the anti-Israel sentiment popular on the Left, Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week to pledge his support amid the nearly-all out war between Hamas and Israel.

During a Wednesday call with Netanyahu, Biden “condemned the rocket attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,” according to a readout published by the White House.

The president conveyed “unwavering support for Israel’s security and for Israel’s right to defend itself, while protecting civilians,” and “the United States encouragement of a pathway toward restoring a sustainable calm,” the statement reads.

Jerusalem “must be a place of peace,” as “a city of such importance to people of faith from around the world,” Biden added.

While taking questions from the press, Biden indicated during a press conference it is his expectation that the conflict “will be closing down sooner than later,” he said on Wednesday.

Netanyahu and Biden agreed to “stay in touch personally in the days ahead” as Israel continues to be bombarded with rockets from Palestine, the readout says.

Israel’s prime minister said during a Thursday press conference that they will act with all their “might and power to restore law and order” in the country.

“We give 100% backing to the security forces to establish law and order all over the country. We will overcome them with other forces and means, including the GSS and arrests. We will act with all our might to restore law and order,” Netanyahu said according to translation in a video he posted to Twitter.

The conflict which has been reported by NBC as the worst flare-up between Israel and Hamas in seven years has resulted in hundreds of injuries and dozens killed.

Palestinian militants have launched at least 1,000 rockets into Israel since Sunday, the outlet reported, resulting in at least 65 people dead as of Wednesday, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Exact toll numbers are unknown as the war continues with no end in sight.