If there is one organization that has a finger on the pulse of what’s truly going on in the world, it’s the CIA.

They don’t call CIA agents “spooks” for nothing.

These operatives are scary to both our enemies and our own citizens. They’re known for infiltration and espionage, doing the dirty work to get intel on the enemy and keep America safe—but, man, these guys can be frightening.

The CIA, more than any other American agency, is more responsible for the security of our country. What they’re authorized to do can be a little “outside” of what is normally deemed necessary or even legal.

So, when it comes to what is going on out there in the world, you can bet that the CIA knows better than just about anyone else.

And when a former head of the agency speaks about impending threats to the United States, we should listen.

Michael Morell, who twice served as acting director of the CIA under Obama, spoke to CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, criticizing Joe Biden’s strategic missteps in Afghanistan.

Morell believes that the botched pullout will allow the Taliban to “flow back” into Afghanistan, making it the most dangerous region on the planet.

Biden: Helping Jihadists Around The World

Morell told host Margaret Brennan, “I think that the Taliban winning the war in Afghanistan, and then the way our exit happened, has absolutely inspired jihadists all over the world.”

How scary is that statement?

“…Absolutely inspired jihadists all over the world.”

Think about that…

That doesn’t just mean in the Middle East. That means jihadists everywhere.

The way that Biden all but surrendered to the Taliban is sure to have emboldened these extremists wherever they are.

And since Biden’s domestic policies have left the US southern border wide-open, it’s safe to assume at least a few of these extremists are already inside America’s borders. As we speak, they could be plotting some kind of attack against the people of our country…and Biden himself emboldened them.

20 years ago this month, we learned the hard way what just a handful of extremists can do.

Can you imagine what hundreds could pull off?

Morell continued, “The Taliban is saying, ‘we just didn’t defeat the United States, we defeated NATO. We defeated the world’s greatest military power, ever.’ So there’s a celebration going on. I think, not only will the jihadists be inspired, but a lot of them are going to come to Afghanistan to be part of the celebration, to be part of jihadist central.”

Jihadist central…

Just what we need. A hub of terrorists ready and willing to do the Taliban’s bidding and go wherever they want.

That threat is especially concerning now that they’ve got control of international airports, allowing them to send their minions anywhere they want.

Obama Officials Not Happy With Sleepy Joe

However, the most concerning comment from Morell was his assessment of whether America is safer now that our troops have come home.

“We are more at risk, without a doubt,” he said.

Scary stuff…

However, the fear factor doesn’t stop there.

Morell isn’t the only former Obama official to speak out against Joe’s Afghanistan botched job. Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta spoke out against the way that Sleepy Joe handled the entire thing as well.

“The most important thing for this president to do is be willing to accept responsibility for the mistakes and move on, and to basically do what is necessary now to protect our national security,” Panetta said.

However, Biden doesn’t seem to think there was a problem with the way he handled things…or at least he’s not willing to admit there was a problem with the way he handled things.

What we do know is that two former Obama officials are NOT happy with Biden’s mishandling of the military withdrawal.

If these two are willing to speak out, imagine how many feel the same way and AREN’T willing to speak out?

The Biden administration QUICKLY tried to shift the focus off Afghanistan and onto vaccine mandates and pandemic concerns…but our memories aren’t that short.

We still have Americans stuck there – and until they’re all home, NOBODY should let Joe Biden and his people off the hook.

Our fellow citizens DESERVE that…as do we all.


“In carrying out every aspect of our work, CIA officers are guided by a professional ethos that is the sum of our abiding principles, core values, and highest aspirations. These include service, integrity, excellence, courage, teamwork, and stewardship. Sacrifice, too, is an inescapable part of our mission.” – Gina Haspel