Name any president before Biden that that put 10,000 people out of work on their first day in office. I dare you.

Actually, don’t bother looking. It’s never happened in the history of the United States.

Now, can you name a president other than Biden that put up to 40,000 people out of work in their first week in office?

I’ll answer that for you: No you can’t.

The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden has ended more American jobs on PURPOSE than any American President ever…and he’s only been in office for three months.

Ok…that may be an exaggeration. I haven’t thoroughly researched the deliberate job cuts of EVERY single president in our nation’s history, but Biden has GOT to be up there.

By nixing the Keystone pipeline and ending construction on the border wall, Sleepy Joe proved he doesn’t care about the American worker. He cares more about looking woke to the Liberal mob.

And by “he,” I mean his handlers, as it’s readily apparent that Sleepy Joe isn’t really all there. He’s being led around by the hand like a preschooler, and that’s a sad story unto itself.

Biden Must Hate The American Worker

However, the fact remains that this administration doesn’t care about American jobs or American lives, given how quick they were to put thousands in the unemployment line.


If you think that was the worst of it, then you don’t understand Liberalism in the least. That was just the beginning of the Democrats’ assault on American workers, and what’s going to come next is going to make those lost jobs look SMALL by comparison.

Recently, Biden’s Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, delivered an address on climate in which he ADMITTED that “some” American workers “would be hit hard” by Biden’s coming climate change and infrastructure policies, surprising no one…or at least no one on the Right.

Blinken said that the U.S. needed to lead the global fight against climate change (or what the Left likes to call “climate crisis” even though they can’t prove how much is man’s doing and how much is just the cycle of weather), and he warned that, if surface temperatures continued to rise, places like the Chesapeake Bay will expand inland and destroy coastal cities.

“If America fails to lead the world on the climate crisis, we won’t have much of a world left,” Blinken said.

Hey, at least we know the word “crisis” is in their vocabulary, right?

Maybe not when it comes to the mess at the border that Biden’s policies created, but it’s progress that they’ll use the word nonetheless.

Of course, most of Blinken’s speech focused on domestic policy, such as explaining things that don’t need mentioning, like the need for “good, paying jobs, and the opportunity to join a union”—and making THAT a part of climate change policy.

But that move towards stopping the “climate crisis” comes at a price…

And if you guessed “American jobs,” then give yourself a gold star because you’re absolutely right.

Bye-Bye, American Jobs!

Blinken said, “We will be mindful that for all the opportunities offered by the unavoidable shift to clean energy, not every American worker will win out in the near term. Some livelihoods and communities that relied on old industries will be hit hard.”

Well, brother, if anybody is going to get left behind by this forced policy change, that’s a pretty good indication that it SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!

The free market should dictate when that shift happens…

You can’t force it before it’s ready!

Talk about irony. It’s like these “progressives” don’t understand how “progress” works!

If it were the RIGHT time to make the shift, nobody would be left behind…

They’d be right a PART of the shift, not a casualty of it.

This is Obama’s “learn to code” policy towards the coal industry all over again, and it’s ridiculous.

This is what’s happening…

And it will lead to a disastrous four years for Biden and the Democrats if they’re not careful—though, trust me, I’m glad they’re not.

They’re moving unnaturally fast, and it’s going to come back to bite them in the ass when the people they promised to take care of find themselves in the unemployment line.

What’s the over-under on the number of jobs that Biden’s policies are going to kill?



More than a million?

Either way, even if you win this bet, America loses…

But, hey! At least he’s not making any mean tweets, right?


“American workers need a common-sense plan to make small businesses and entrepreneurs competitive again – not simply more government spending.” – Charles Boustany


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