Not only did the Biden administration display a pathetic absence of leadership in its surrender to the Taliban this summer after 20 years of war in Afghanistan, but now it is continuing to provide monetary assistance to the Taliban-captured country.

The Taliban said in a statement on Sunday that the U.S. has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to the war-torn country, despite it being controlled by the militant group we spent decades fighting against, the Associated Press reported.

Following U.S.-Taliban talks in Doha, Qatar, the State Department released a statement recapping the meeting stating the U.S. and Taliban “discussed the United States’ provision of robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people,” the outlet revealed.

However, the U.S. notably clarified that proving humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan who face immense hardship under the Taliban’s rule does not legitimize the militant group’s leadership over the country.

“The U.S. delegation focused on security and terrorism concerns and safe passage for U.S. citizens, other foreign nationals and our Afghan partners, as well as on human rights, including the meaningful participation of women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society,” Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, said in a statement.

The State Department did not clarify how exactly it would circumvent the Taliban, which controls the government and border, to provide aid to Afghans.

Critics of the Biden administration’s decision to provide millions in aid to the country warn against rewarding the militant group’s horrific treatment of Afghans.

Since taking complete control of the country after the U.S. troop withdrawal, the Taliban has implemented Sharia law, brutally attacked Afghans, and even publicly hanged them to make an example of dissenters.

This is the group the Biden administration has said will continue to provide humanitarian aid, which so long as the Taliban controls the country, will inevitably end up in their hands.