Creepy Joe’s been pretty quiet of late. For the last few months, he’s been hiding out in his basement, trying to avoid the COVID-19 virus while also trying to manage a struggling presidential campaign and fighting mental decline at the same time. His livestream interviews and news updates have been a mixed bag, but staying out of the public eye may have been one of his most effective strategies yet.

By staying hidden away in his basement, he hasn’t had as many public gaffes. Maybe now American voters will forget that the former Vice President is in the midst of a drastic cognitive decline.

But you can bet Conservatives won’t forget it, and we’re more than happy to remind Liberals, Leftists, and Democrats (yes, they can all be separate things) just how much their “Golden-leg-haired Pony Soldier” has fallen off since his first time in the White House.

However, staying hidden has helped Creepy Joe’s campaign in another profound way, too. With the country’s greatest gaffe machine in safe isolation, his campaign has also been able to sit back and let the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent riots do all the dirty work for them.

Creepy Joe’s Time Out Working To His Favor

Biden doesn’t have to try and make the president look bad anymore. He doesn’t even have to utter a single syllable or lift one finger. The rest of the Left is more than willing to carry the load for him, unfairly trying to place a global pandemic and riots due to the racially-charged killing of an unarmed black man at President Trump’s feet.

As Conservatives know, this is all a sham.

Trump couldn’t have stopped either the global COVID-19 pandemic or the looting and rioting even if he were some kind of superhuman. These situations were far outside the control of any one person.

He had NOTHING to do with either affliction to America’s soul, but that hasn’t stopped the Left from making every effort to tie it all back to Trump. The worse Trump looks, the better things are looking for Biden

However, as good as this has been for the former vice president, it looks like Biden is taking things a step further in an attempt to clinch the victory in November.

Creepy Joe is so desperate for votes now that he’s taken to funding the riots to get them.

A bought vote is still a vote, right?

How is he responsible for this?

Well, a total of 13—possibly more—of Biden’s own campaign workers have publicly announced that they’re making or have already made donations to help bail out people arrested for looting and rioting.

Did Biden Find A Loophole For Buying Votes?

Yes, the former VP and current presidential hopeful is actively condoning his staff’s donations to the bail funds of those who are willingly breaking the law…and by doing so, he may have found a loophole for buying votes.

For the record, these aren’t just some volunteer staffers making the donation;, these are some of Creepy Joe’s top aides donating money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund in order to get these looters and rioters released from jail.

In fact, according to one of his campaign spokesman, Creepy Joe personally believes that even asking criminals to post bail before letting them go is like a “modern-day debtor’s prison.”

Ok, Grandpa…

However, that same spokesman, Andrew Bates, wouldn’t admit to whether the Biden 2020 donations to the rioters’ bail fund was coordinated with the presidential hopeful or not. Seems a little fishy to me.

How much money have Biden and his Hollywood bandwagoners gotten the Minnesota Freedom Fund over the past few days?

How about $20 million smackeroos—about 250 TIMES as much as the organization raised in 2019.

The question is, will Creepy Joe’s followers also make donations to help the families of police officers killed since the rioting started?

Will they be donating to those whose businesses have been burned down, leaving them with no way to earn their livelihoods?

Will they be donating to the hospital bills of those who have been physically assaulted by rioters?

These are important questions that somebody should ask Creepy Joe…

People are wondering if, as president, he’s going to advocate for the needs of all Americans—or just the ones who agree with him.

Either way…

It’s been Biden’s most successful campaign strategy yet!

Who knew that buying actual votes was LEGAL?!


“Don’t buy a single vote more than necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.” – Joseph P. Kennedy