On Thursday afternoon, President Biden emerged from the White House basement to hold the first press conference in his 64 days in office.

And it was immediately obvious why he hadn’t held a press conference like this before and likely won’t do so again for a while.

Biden had a notebook he kept referring to and at times was reading directly from pre-written notes.

His train of thought trailed off several times and at one point he completely blanked out and stood speechless for several seconds.

The press conference was also lacking in sheer entertainment value. Boy, how I miss Donald Trump’s press conferences!

Biden began by touting progress that has been made on vaccine distribution and then proceeded to tell one of several lies by taking credit for schools reopening nationwide, which is simply not true. Biden has been covering for his teacher union donors who don’t want to reopen schools even though the science shows that kids rarely transmit the coronavirus to adults.

President Biden received several questions about the crisis at the border and naturally blamed former President Trump for the surge in border crossings, neglecting to admit that he once quite literally called for immigrants to surge the border.

The illegal immigrants themselves when asked have told reporters that they only came to America because of Joe Biden’s stance on immigration.

But, of course, it’s Trump’s fault…it always is.

When asked if /when he would allow reporters into migrant detention facilities, Biden said he didn’t know and that he wouldn’t reveal his plan in front of the public.

Wow, Joe Biden has a super-secret plan to combat illegal immigration…or he doesn’t have one at all and is just saying this to get the press off his back.

My bet would be on the latter.

Biden lied again when he said that former President Trump’s border security policies didn’t stop the flow of migrants surging across the southern border. Biden is in denial about the effects his policies and rhetoric have played in the continuing rise in illegal immigration.

Biden was asked if he would support ending the Senate filibuster and said he would like to go back to the talking filibuster and that the filibuster is a relic of the Jim Crow era.

Yeah, now the filibuster is racist too…because everything Democrats don’t like is called racist.

He also called Republican state legislature’s efforts to protect election integrity worse than Jim Crow…seriously.

That would be news to the people who lived during Jim Crow who were denied the right to vote. Republicans are simply trying to protect the integrity of our elections. They are not trying to deny minorities the right to vote.

That was a horrible thing to say, and the media didn’t ask him a follow-up question, which is despicable. The president of the United States essentially called any Republican who supports election integrity laws a racist, and he got absolutely no pushback…but that’s nothing new.

That’s an extraordinary claim that would warrant a follow-up question from our intrepid media, right?

In a normal world, it would… but journalism is dead in America.

President Biden is clearly in love with Chinese President Xi, referring to him as a smart guy and said that they had a relationship that went back years. Imagine if President Trump had called President Xi smart and touted their friendship, the media would have lost their ever-loving minds. He did much les for Putin, and the media accused him of things too graphic and disgusting to even describe here.

But Joe Biden is their chosen candidate and therefore must be shielded from criticism at all times.

He also lied again when he claimed that Donald Trump never spoke out against China for their human rights abuses, even though he did on several occasions.

The most bizarre moment of the press conference was when President Biden was asked a question about guns and instead of answering that question, he launched into a rambling answer about infrastructure.

Biden was asked by a reporter about guns and his answer was…to build bridges?

But, hey gang, this man received 80 million votes.

Wow, was that painful to watch or what?

And if Joe Biden runs for president again—which he said he “expects to do”—it is only going to get more painful.

God help us all!