Vaccine mandates are escalating from just a few private businesses scattered across the country to a national mandate by which all federal employees must abide.

In a press conference scheduled for Thursday afternoon, Biden is set to announce that millions of federal employees, including contractors, must prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine in order to continue working.

Reuters reported that anyone who still chooses to remain unvaccinated will be required to receive regular coronavirus testing, continue to social distance, wear masks, and adhere to other restrictions,

A source familiar with the matter told the outlet that Biden’s upcoming announcement will not be a “mandate,” and those who decide against getting the vaccine will not be at risk of being terminated, despite the clear ultimatum.

“The pandemic we have now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden said Wednesday during a visit to Pennsylvania.

The directive to force more than two million civilian federal workers to take the vaccine comes after the DOJ ruled it is not unconstitutional to mandate vaccinations.

TOn Tuesday, the Justice Department published an opinion stating that federal law does not prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring COVID-19 vaccines that only have “emergency use authorization” and are not FDA approved, Fox News reported.

The DOJ openly said the vaccines’ status as emergency use authorization (EUA) “does not prohibit public or private entities from imposing vaccine requirements, even when the only vaccines available are those authorized under EUAs.”

Currently, only 50 percent of Americans—163,025,726 people—have been fully vaccinated, according to‘s vaccine tracker.