In all areas of life, the federal government has become far too comfortable with the idea of assuming power regardless of what the people want—but when it comes to elections, their power should be explicitly limited.

Of course, I say this in the context of voting rights and election laws, and perhaps I’d see the matter differently during another time or in another situation.

However, when it comes to the presidential election, symbolic of what makes our country unique and keeps us free, the federal government’s influence should be restrained.

When a reporter asked what leverage the Biden Administration has regarding dozens of new election laws being passed in red states across the country, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki urged during a press conference Tuesday that a “federal approach is needed” in response to Red-state legislation to curb voter fraud.

And guess what they’re using as justification?

If you guessed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which was amplified by concerns about whether we had a free and fair election, you are correct.

“I think it’s important to remember why we’re at this point,” said Psaki. “State legislatures, as you’ve referenced, across the country are passing a wave of anti-voter laws based on the same repeatedly disproven lie that led to an assault on our nation’s Capitol.”

Assuming that she’s referring to “The Big Lie,” as both Trump and his critics have nicknamed the idea of the stolen election, Psaki fails to mention that nearly half the country’s belief that it was stolen is backed by a mountain of voter fraud evidence that never saw a single day in court.

Nevertheless, she moved on to belittle the election integrity laws being passed across the country, stating that governors “are putting these laws in place because they did not like the outcome and they’ve continued to perpetuate a lie about the outcome of the election, that’s why we’re here.”

To address these laws that the Democrat administration sees as a threat to the party, Psaki said, “What the President and what the Vice President will do is engage with voting rights groups, engage with legislatures who are supportive of expanding access to voting around the country,” later vowing that the Biden Administration will “continue to fight to get legislation across the finish line on the federal level.”

If the Democrats attempt to move forward with further federalizing elections, it will only add fuel to the fire of staunch supporters of former President Donald Trump.