If there’s one thing that would seal Biden’s doom in losing the presidential election, it would be openly admitting that he would mandate that all Americans take a coronavirus vaccine.

Government-sponsored vaccines are already unpopular among many conservatives and liberals alike – although for vastly different reasons. Even worse, the idea of mandating a vaccine would be detested by many Americans.

When asked if he would impose a mandatory coronavirus vaccine dose on the entire US population, Biden did not give the most confident answer to this question.

During Biden’s Pennsylvania town hall on Thursday night, Biden said, in order for him to go so far as to mandate a vaccine, it would have to “have a very positive impact and how you can affect positively 85% of the American public.”

However, “it depends on the state of the nature of the vaccine, when it comes out, and how it will be distributed.”

But it’s what he said next that is even more alarming.

While Biden said it is certainly something we “should be talking about,” he went on to explain that enforcing such a national mandate would be challenging.

When asked how he would enforce it, Biden said, “you couldn’t, that’s the problem,” he continued, “you can’t say everyone has to do this, just like you can’t mandate a mask.”

After he clarified there could be difficulty with a national mandate, he happily explained the way he plans to get around that.

“You can go to every governor and get them all in a room, all 50 of them as president, and say ‘ask people to wear the mask,’” and, “if they don’t I go to every mayor, I go to every councilman I go to every local official, say ‘mandate the mask.’”

What both the moderator and Biden failed to address is the constitutionality issue of a national mandate for any reason.

It is a massive red flag that Biden just detailed exactly how he would sidestep the law and the free will of the American people on national television.

Furthermore, he fails to remember that what Americans disliked the most about Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act was the individual mandate. As it turns out, the American people don’t like to be told by the government that they must do or purchase something. It’s unconstitutional and a violation of our human rights.

What this segment on a vaccine mandate proves is that Biden has no regard whatsoever for the interests of the American people. It’s about gaining power. He doesn’t care what the people want, he cares about his party’s Leftist agenda.

It’s scary to think that the far-Left could gain control of the White House, but it’s even worse that they could gain control of every aspect of our daily lives. That’s what we would be getting with a Joe Biden presidency.