To be honest, for the past couple of years, the Right has been acting like the little boy who cried wolf about their right to bear arms in America.

For decades now, the Right has been saying the Left wants to disarm the population, but nothing’s ever really come of it.

Sure, the Left has embraced socialism, a political ideology that often leads to communism, and part of a transition to a centralized autocratic government is a compliant population, so disarming American citizens would make sense if they truly wanted to go in this direction.

But they never really did anything to make it happen.

On this issue, the Left was all talk and no action. For that whole timem, they just railed against firearms to gain the support of pacifists and weaklings.

However, 2021 is a new era in Leftist authoritarianism.

The party has moved so far Left that, in order to keep their base, the entire Democratic Party has had to shift their beliefs…and that means finally putting those words to actions in order to pacify their supporters.

We see what they’re doing with Conservatives on social media. They’re not even trying to hide the fact that they’re all in Liberal-leaning organizations anymore…

And they’re taking the boldness to new heights, all based off Biden’s election “win”—and Sleepy/Creepy/Floppy Joe is leading the charge himself.

Creepy Joe Vs. The NRA

In a written statement released a few days ago, the President-Elect said, “As President, I pledge to continue to work with Congresswoman Giffords [Rep Gabby Giffords who survived a shooting], and with survivors, families and advocates across the country to defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America.”

Now, again, if this were 10 years ago, we could shrug this off as pandering rhetoric.

But in 2021, we have to take this threat a little more seriously, as the Left is no longer trying to hide their true agenda for our country.

And that agenda is the complete eradication of Conservative values.

When Creepy Joe says he wants to “defeat the NRA,” what do you think that means?

He doesn’t just want to destroy the organization that has done more to promote gun safety than any organization that’s ever existed. It means he wants to destroy the ONE organization that has stood between the Democrats and their dream of abolishing the Second Amendment.

Again, if this were 10 years ago, I’d have laughed at the statement.

I’d have said, “There’s no way any politician would want to abolish the Second Amendment. They all realize that it was put into the Bill of Rights to protect the other nine, so they won’t do anything to destroy those protections.”

And I would have been correct 10 years ago.

If I said that today, I’d be wrong.

The Repercussions Of “Defeating” The NRA

The Left absolutely wants to disarm America—especially Conservatives—in an attempt to make us powerless to stop their brand of tyranny.

If Biden follows through with what he said pre-election, he’ll be putting Beto “Hell-YES-we’re-coming-for-your-AR-15s” O’Rourke in charge of his gun control policy—and you can bet dollars to donuts he’ll call for a mandatory buyback of the big, scary semi-automatic rifles they’re so worried about.

And once they have those—the closest things Americans have to military-level firearms—we’d be sitting ducks if we actually did have to battle tyranny.

It all starts by destroying the one entity with the power and influence to fight an effort to disarm Americans: the National Rifle Association.

The irony is, Biden and other Leftists think the NRA is powerful because of money, but it’s not.

In fact, the NRA gives very little in donation money to politicians.

The NRA is powerful because people BELIEVE in their Second Amendment rights, and that belief created an association designed to defend that right.

They don’t fight gun control with money.

They fight it with lawyers…and the Constitution itself.

But make no mistake…

If Biden is successful in defeating the NRA, then America as we know it is finished. After the NRA, the Second Amendment will be the next to fall under the wheels of authoritarianism disguised as compassion.

On that day, the American Dream will truly die.

Without freedoms and the ability to defend them, there is no dream at all.


“You know, they make fun of my saying about use a shotgun if someone’s invading your home – guess what, use a shotgun on someone invading your home and you don’t kill your kids – use an AR-15, it goes through your wall and it can kill your kid in the bedroom.” – Joe Biden