The Democrats attempted rigging the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and now they are trying to cheat again with Biden in 2020. Same thing, different day. While the Left continues to find dishonest ways to get an edge during elections, it is important that we continue to expose it.

Just ahead of Tuesday night’s debate, the Biden campaign is doing everything within its power to ensure Biden does not step on stage and look like a fool next to President Trump.

We could look at it as a positive that Biden is at least showing up to the debate despite speculation that he might back out due to his cognitive condition.

Or we could look at this realistically, with concern about the special treatment the campaign is requesting and receiving.

Here are 5 factors we should be deeply concerned about regarding Biden’s debate appearance.

  1. Biden’s campaign reportedly went back on their consent to the Trump campaign’s request to allow a third party to inspect both candidates’ ears for an electronic communication device. A reporter for the New York Post tweeted, “Joe Biden’s campaign agreed to an inspection for electronic earpieces at tonight’s debate several days ago but are now declining, a source familiar tells me.”

  1. Handlers are asking that Biden is allowed a break every 30 minutes of a commercial-free 90-minute debate. However, this request was denied. Trump’s campaign reportedly said they denied because the president does not need breaks, as he does 90-minute speeches regularly.
  2. In an act of desperation, Biden’s campaign manager wrote a scathing letter to Facebook requesting the social media platform remove posts from President Trump as well as his son Donald Trump Jr. As of now, no response from Mark Zuckerberg has been made public.
  3. Biden refused President Trump’s request that he take a drug test prior to the debate because of his “uneven” debate performances. No person who refuses to take a drug test has any business running for President of the United States, let alone make it through debates without having one administered.
  4. It is also reported that the Biden campaign has been given the debate questions ahead of time, which comes as no surprise, considering Hillary Clinton also received tips during the 2016 presidential debates.

To sum it up, the Biden campaign is refusing inspections for hidden communication devices, requesting frequent breaks for the former vice president, asking that Facebook censor his opponent ahead of the debate, refusing to take a drug test, and receiving the questions ahead of time.

The Trump campaign and all Americans should be VERY suspicious of the Biden campaign, to say the least. Taking it a step further, either the Trump campaign or the Presidential Debate Commission that oversees the organization of the debates should demand that Biden be subject to basic safeguards that keep the debate fair. It is only fair to the president and the 75% of American voters who are expected to tune into Tuesday’s debate that they see Biden’s true, unfiltered abilities without him receiving any help, whether it’s from drugs, earpieces, early access to questions, or social media censorship.