[The following is satirical]

Folks may wonder what President Biden’s daily schedule looks like. Unlike his predecessor, Biden’s public appearances are unusually limited and his handlers call a “lid” on his day early.

Well, FreedomWire has obtained a top-secret copy of Sleepy Joe’s daily schedule. (We may or may not have broken into Circle Back Jen Psaki’s office…we won’t confirm or deny.)

Here is Joe Biden’s Daily Schedule for April 1st, 2021, an ironic date given that this is about Joe Biden on April Fools Day. But I repeat myself…

Thursday, April 1, 2021, Presidential Daily Schedule

10:15 AM— Receive daily intelligence briefing

11:00 AM— Watch “The Price is Right”

12:00 PM— Lunch and local news

12:30 PM— Watch “General Hospital”

1: 00 PM— Hold cabinet meeting, let cabinet members do most of the talking

2:00 PM— Nap #1

3:00 PM— Arts and crafts

3:30 PM—Break for afternoon snack: pudding cups and animal crackers with prune juice

4:00 PM—Daily changing of the COVID mask

4:30 PM— Play with dog, try not to fall down

4:45 PM— Dog bites secret service agent, deny incident, leave room hastily

5:00 PM— Dinner

5:30 PM— Nap #2

6:00 PM— Wave at the sky from the window of Oval Office

6:30 PM— Yell at the sky from the window of Oval Office

7:00 PM— Watch “Wheel of Fortune”

7:30 PM— Watch “Jeopardy”

7:55 PM— Puts on Presidential PJs

8:00 PM— Lights Out. Bed Time


And there we have it! That’s how the 46th President spends his days. And you know what, if we’re wrong about any of that…Biden’s welcome to come out in public and tell us that himself.


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