You know, by this point, we expect politicians to break their campaign promises. We know that these kinds of people will promise the world to get elected knowing full well that they can’t deliver—and there’s no way they can live up to their lofty pre-election ideals.


Like with all things dealing with politics, Trump bucked that trend. He went out of his way to keep—or at least attempt to keep—the campaign promises he put forth during his 2016 run.

Of course, the Left didn’t like the fact that he did what he promised to do…

But the fact remains that Trump really did try to keep all of the promises he made on the campaign trail—and that may have spoiled us a little.

During the 2020 election cycle, we heard both Trump and Biden make a lot of promises…

And maybe a lot of people on the Left thought that this was a new era in politics, believing Biden would follow in Trump’s footsteps and try and keep his campaign promises as well.

That’s why they must have been shocked when Biden started going back on his word day ONE into his administration.

Breaking His Word On Day ONE

Biden once said he would do things the “democratic way,” insisting that executive orders were the tools of “dictators”—but then he went on to sign a record number of orders on his first day in office, followed by even more by the end of the week.

Biden said he wouldn’t ban fracking, calling Trump a liar for saying that he’d ever spoken against it, only to ban new fracking leases on federal land.

Biden said he wouldn’t open the borders, insisting that the security of America was paramount, then went on to both halt the border wall construction and basically handcuff ICE agents from doing anything about illegal immigration.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With so many of his campaign promises broken during the first week, it begs the question…

Which will be the next to fall?


It seems we’ve got our answer—and we’re not going to like it.

During the campaign, Biden REPEATEDLY dodged questions about whether he believed in packing the courts—and that should be answer enough, right?

Well, the closest we got was back in October when Creepy Joe told reporters that while he wouldn’t answer the question, but would instead create a bipartisan commission to study reforms to the judiciary branch and report their findings to him during the first year of his administration.

The “Pack The Court” Commission Has Been Formed

Well, it looks like that commission is being formed as we speak…

And while the “bipartisan” part remains to be seen, we do know that the farce will be chaired by Biden’s campaign lawyer, Bob Bauer, a career Democrat operative who also worked for one of the companies responsible for the Steele Dossier.

Sounds very fair, don’t you think?

The others on this “bipartisan” commission?

Oh, just people like Yale Law School Professor and former Obama AG Cristina Rodríguez…

Former president of the American Constitution Society, Caroline Fredrickson…

And Harvard Law School professor, former assistant attorney general, in the Bush Department of Justice, and devout Never-Trumper Jack Goldsmith.

Do you think these people will give a fair and unbiased assessment as to whether or not Biden should “pack the courts”?

Odds are, they’re going to be for it—because this is EXACTLY what Biden and the fervent Left want.

Don’t be surprised to hear about this in the near future…

And don’t say we didn’t warn you.


“He would doubtless have promised anything for the mere pleasure of breaking all bounds; perhaps he would even have liked her to ask him to swear on oath so he could add the attractions of perjury to his horrible pleasures.” ― Marquis de Sade