On Wednesday, President Biden gave his first address to Congress. And according to Biden, the government can solve all your problems…all they need to do is spend $6 trillion in the next 100 days, and everything will be alright.

Oh, gee, is that all? Who knew it could be so easy to reform society?

Biden’s speech contained no proposed ideas that would make Americans freer but instead was chock-full of proposals that would make Americans more reliant on government in every aspect of their lives.

The following are things that Biden proposed spending money on with his new “American Families” plan:

  • Two free years of college
  • Free universal pre-K
  • Infrastructure
  • Health care
  • Rent assistance
  • Green energy
  • Paid family leave
  • Child tax credit
  • Childcare
  • Investments in historically black colleges
  • Cancer research
  • Rural broadband internet
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Electric transmission lines
  • Obamacare
  • Community health centers
  • COVID vaccines.

With this new plan, the President is basically proposing cradle to grave government oversight. If you’ve got a problem, the government has got you taken care of. Every aspect of your life will have the fingerprint of government on it, from the day you are born until the day you die.

Of course, any government powerful enough to give you something is a government powerful enough to take it away from you.

Freedom itself will be taken away if Biden gets his way because, in order for government to give people all these things, they must take from others and must dictate how those resources are allocated.

We have come a long way from the days when President Regan claimed that “government isn’t the solution to all our problems, government is the problem,” or when President Clinton said that the “era of big government is over.”

Biden’s catchphrase is “build back better” is just another way of saying that he is going to fundamentally transform the role of government.

The Constitution lays out certain enumerated policies for government, things that the government can and can’t do, but Biden intends to ensure that there is nothing the government can’t do.

And that was the common thread throughout his speech last night.

At the end of Biden’s speech, he said, “Our Constitution opens to the words, as trite as it sounds, ‘We the people.’ It’s time we remembered that ‘We the people’ are the government. You and I. Not some force in a distant capital. Not some powerful force that we have no control over. It’s us. It’s ‘We the people.’”

Technically he is right. We have no monarchy or lifetime appointed leaders, but he misunderstands the words “We the People.”

Biden proposed endless plans that take power away from everyday Americans. The government will now tell Americans how they can and can’t live their lives.

That centralizes power in Washington DC, and the more power is concentrated, the more repressive government becomes.

A tiny elite will rule the country, and that is antithetical to the words “We the People.”

Biden is a fraud.

He pretends to be loveable old Grandpa Joe the moderate, when in reality he is FDR or LBJ on steroids.

He is on his way to going down as the most radical Left president in American history.

And his speech to Congress proved it.