Tonight, President Biden will give his first address to Congress. The speech will be essentially a State of the Union Address (even though it is not actually being called a State of the Union, but rather just a simple speech to a Joint Session of Congress).

And boy, are Biden’s handlers going to be nervous watching this speech.

Biden hasn’t given such a high-profile speech as president, and it isn’t any secret why.

Biden mumbles and stumbles his way through speeches and is often generally incoherent. He has only done one press conference in his three months in office…and that didn’t go so well.

Biden lost his train of thought, froze up, and bizarrely claimed that infrastructure legislation would solve gun violence…or something.

Tonight’s speech will be a scaled-back version of a typical State of the Union with only half the Congress expected to be in attendance. None of the usual parade of guests will be invited which is a hallmark of State of the Union addresses. Only the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense will be in attendance from the president’s cabinet.

Biden will, of course, rock his mask and continue to be the worst advocate for the vaccine outside of Dr. Anthony Fauci. If the coronavirus vaccines actually work, then Biden should rip his mask off to encourage Americans to get the vaccine…but he won’t. He and the Democrats have no intention of giving up the pandemic virtue-signaling anytime soon.

During the speech, Biden will be touting more of his radical Left spending programs that the country already can’t afford, but that isn’t going to stop Biden and the Democrats.

In the words of Rahm Emanual: “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.”

NPR reported, “Biden is expected to use the address as an opportunity to pitch his newly unveiled American Families Plan, which focuses on child care and education largely paid for by higher taxes on wealthy Americans. That’s in addition to his $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal, which has sparked debate among lawmakers about what should be included under the infrastructure umbrella.

At a briefing Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the American Families Plan will be the major policy focus of the address. But she said Biden will also discuss immigration, gun safety, the pandemic, and police reform. The speech will come just eight days after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts for the death of George Floyd last year.”

Waiting for Biden to speak is like waiting for a crash to happen in a car race. You know you shouldn’t watch, but you can’t help but stare straight ahead in anticipation of a disaster.

He will no doubt give yours truly ample material for this Friday’s weekly Biden Blunder.

It has been a Leftist laundry list of accomplishments in Biden’s first 100 days. He will take the time to remind the country of these disastrous policies.

But something tells me that Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t be ripping up Biden’s speech like she did Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech last year…just a hunch.

You can watch the speech on all the major networks or online tonight at 9.

Check back with FreedomWire tomorrow for our full coverage of Sleepy Joe’s first speech to Congress.