It’s telling how Joe Biden and those in his administration have no problem using the word “crisis” when it comes to the climate but can’t seem to get it out when talking about the border.

It’s all about narrative, right?

It’s all about trying to dupe the American people back onto the globalist path that his old boss, Barack Obama (and to some extent, George W. Bush) had us on until Donald Trump and “America first” derailed their train.

What’s terrible is that Biden is succeeding, and the Left is praising him for it. Either they don’t understand the repercussions of what will happen if we become a part of a global government, or they think it will be a GOOD thing, as their Marxist leaders have taught them.

Even though Joe has only been in office three months, he’s made some incredible headway into making this happen.

Biden’s Steady March Towards Globalism

By rolling back a vast amount of the policies and executive orders issued by Donald Trump, he’s already done more damage than anyone predicted.

He’s taken America BACK to be energy dependent…he’s ensured jobs will move to other countries…and he’s destroyed any sense of order and security at our southern border.

He’s also supporting the vilification of our police, and, in a roundabout way, called our country racist.

This is done in an attempt to tear it all down so we’ll have to start over again.

However, he’s got some work to do first – and if he’s going to get about to the destruction of our country, he’s going to have to start by crippling the American economy.

Enter his “Climate Plan.”

At a recent climate summit held with a number of world leaders (which I’m willing to be featured ZERO opposing climate opinions), Sleepy Joe announced an incredibly lofty goal: cutting emissions by HALF of what they were in 2005… by 2030.

Yes, he wants to do 25 years of work in just 9 years.

Now, there’s no mention of the fact that America is already WELL ahead of its carbon emission-cutting goals set forth by the Paris Accords.

Also, no mention of the fact that carbon emissions dropped another 17% during Trump’s presidency from 2016 to 2019—but hey, narrative, right?

Regardless, Biden vowed the plan, which would set the US on a path of a ZERO emissions economy by no later than 2050 and would create tens of thousands of jobs and boost economies—all with no real facts behind his claims.

Of course, what Biden DIDN’T talk about was what Americans would have to do in order to reach that goal of 50% reduction by 2030.

Get Ready, America! Sleepy Joe’s Plan To Destroy Our Country

For one thing, more than HALF of all new cars bought in the United States would need to be electric within the next decade, translating to more than 70% of new vehicle sales being an EV.

Right now, they make up about 2% of all auto sales—and at an average price tag of about $55,000, Americans better be ready to shell it out.

This would destroy the automobile industry and jeopardizes the livelihoods of all those who depend on it.

Another requirement of Biden’s climate plan could be forcing homeowners to retrofit their homes with electric heat pumps. About a quarter of all American homes are heated by natural gas or oil, but Biden’s plan could force them to go electric—and at a price tag of about $5,600 per upgrade, that’s going to be yet another hit to American’s pockets.

However, those are the COST additions—but there is one area where Joe will try to save Americans’ money

And that’s their food expenditure.

As AOC once stupidly suggested, Joe Biden could force Americans to LIMIT their meat consumption.

In an incredibly daring maneuver, Biden may require Americans to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90% and reduce their consumption of other meats by HALF.

This change could see American carbon emissions reduced by 50%—which is a HUGE number—but it would require that Americans only eat about four pounds of red meat per year.

Or basically, Americans will be allowed to eat one average-sized burger… per month.

Do you have any idea what this would do to the farming industry? What it would do to our farmers?

It would DESTROY the heartland! And the Left doesn’t care because they only think America is what happens on the coasts.

Well… thanks, but no thanks.

They want to take our cars, they want to take our guns, they want to take our meat…

If that doesn’t sound like tyranny, then I don’t know WHAT does.

Stay on your toes, patriots.

We’re going to be in for a bumpy ride.


“We have a global economy that is not structured around democratizing and including people in the decision-making. It’s operated in secret.” – Kevin Danaher


Editor’s Note:

With each day that passes, it gets harder and harder to be optimistic towards our country’s future. It’s baffling how fast Biden is flushing American prosperity down the toilet—and that’s not just my opinion. Many of our conservative politicians feel the same way. Rand Paul says we’re on the brink of yet another crippling financial crisis – all due to what’s happening right now in DC. However, there may be a solution that could fix it all. Watch this stunning video and see if you don’t agree. Watch it here…