Democrats can impeach Trump for a supposed “quid pro quo” with Ukraine that was completely debunked in every sense, yet Biden can consider paying Central Americans to stay out of the United States and no one bats an eye?

Sounds like quid pro quo to me…or at the very least, a preposterous bribe.

Biden’s administration is considering starting a “conditional cash transfer program” which would send money to Central Americans who live in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the White House’s southern border coordinator, Roberta Jacobson, told Reuters in an interview on Friday.

The program would be meant as a deterrent to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into the United States at a rate that hasn’t been seen since 2006.

“We’re looking at all of the productive options to address both the economic reasons people may be migrating, as well as the protection and security reasons,” Jacobson said.

While she did not explain exactly how a cash transfer program would work, Jacobson confusingly vowed that the government will not be sending money to people directly.

“The one thing I can promise you is the U.S. government isn’t going to be handing out money or checks to people,” the official added.

A cash payment transfer program that somehow doesn’t transfer cash sounds a lot like deceptive word jujitsu.

It has since been announced that Jacobson will be permanently departing the White House at the end of the month, according to White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Dispelling speculation that she will be leaving her post because of the controversial interview, Sullivan added she had only committed to the role for the first 100 days of the administration.

The White House has not made further comment on their consideration of a cash payment bribe.

However, the fact that the government can find cash to send directly to citizens of Central America but refuses to fund our own border security should outrage all Americans.

At best, bribing Central Americans to remain in their countries is a workaround to curb illegal immigration without adopting the Trump border policies Democrats have told Liberal voters are “racist,” so they can continue to claim they are for “open borders” at the expense of the American people.

Is it not “racist” for Biden to keep brown people out of America, no matter how it’s accomplished? That’s what they criticized Trump for, after all.

Unfortunately, being that most of the mainstream media is in cahoots with the Left, it’s unlikely the Democrats will ever be held accountable for this glaring hypocrisy. We must demand transparency from the Biden administration on this issue as it is unfathomable for us to send taxpayer dollars to people of other countries so they don’t illegally come to the United States.