Welcome to this week’s edition of Biden’s Blunders, where we have fun at the expense of our nation’s 46th president, Joseph R. Biden.

I have a question for Joe Biden: Why are you wearing a mask, dude?

You got the vaccine, and science shows that not only are you immune from the virus, but you can’t transmit the virus to others.

I am going to assume that the president doesn’t read this weekly column, so he will never be forced to answer this question…and our intrepid media will never ask him.

Biden could be standing twenty feet away from someone and yet he wears that stupid mask.

And is it just me, or does he wear the biggest mask you have ever seen? You could see that mask from space.

Seriously, though, why are people who have been fully vaccinated still wearing masks? What’s the point?

Putting aside the fact that multiple studies and common sense have shown that masks don’t significantly stop the spread of the virus, there is no excuse now for our overlords making us continue to wear masks after we have gotten the vaccine.

It’s stupid, plain and simple.

I personally plan to get the vaccine, and then that’s it. I am done with the stupid piece of cloth that I have been forced to wear over my face.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has even said that children must continue to wear masks when in the presence of groups…there is absolutely NO science to back up that bit of doctorly advice.

The Good Doctor, although he has been vaccinated, now wears two masks…two freaking masks!!

And they wonder why many Americans don’t listen to the advice of so-called “experts” anymore?

They have been nearly universally wrong about the seriousness of the virus since the beginning, and yet people like Dr. Fauci are still given a megaphone to spout their unscientific BS.

And that’s the point: Fauci and other government shills defend controlling the populace and therefore are allies in the war against individual liberty.

Ok, side rant against Dr. Fauci is over, back to President Biden.

I bring up Fauci for two reasons: Biden picked him to be his top advisor on COVID, and he continues to push junk science about masks that Joe Biden continues to promulgate by wearing a mask himself.

If Joe Biden wanted to be a real leader in the effort to get American’s vaccinated, he should go on national TV, and take off the mask, and say: “By getting the vaccine, we can all take off our masks and get back to normal life.”

But he isn’t going to do that because the mask has become a symbol of false protection meant to keep us citizens in line. Once that mask disappears, so will Biden and his fellow Democrats’ power.

They are going to milk this pandemic for as long as they can.

If masks were proven to work, and the virus was more deadly, mask mandates wouldn’t be needed because Americans would choose to wear them voluntarily to protect themselves from catching a virus that could kill them.

But coronavirus has a 98% survival rate overall and is even higher in the younger population.

So, if I could say one thing to President Biden, it would be this: Take off that stupid mask!

Well, that one is one of several things I would say to him, but for the purposes of this column, it fits.

Check back with FeedomWire next Friday for the next installment of Biden’s Blunders.