It’s the weekend, so it’s time for another edition of Biden’s Blunders, where we have fun at the expense of our nation’s 46th president, Joseph R. Biden.

However, today is a special edition of Biden’s Blunders. Sleepy Joe gets a break from ridicule this week and instead, we will have fun at the expense of his son, Hunter.

Baby Boy Biden just released a memoir about his life—though I’m not sure why anyone would want to waste their time reading a book about the son of the president who hasn’t gotten a single job without using his famous last name, but that’s just me.

Well, apparently most people don’t give a damn about Hunter Biden’s sad song-and-dance either, and the public had basically no interest in buying his book.

That’s right, Baby Boy Biden’s book has only sold a little over 10,000 copies.

Poor Hunter. No one seems to understand him. If they only knew the struggles he has had to deal with, mooching off of his father’s influence and getting paid millions only to squander much of that money on drugs and sex.

Obviously, addiction is a serious issue, but Hunter Biden paid for that addiction with money that he never would have been able to earn if it wasn’t for his papa.

One thing is for sure: Hunter Biden is a public relations problem for his father.

Every few months, a new Hunter Biden story breaks about him doing something bad. But of course, the media suppressed most of these stories during the campaign so that they wouldn’t harm their chosen candidate’s chances of winning.

Imagine if these stories were about Donald Trump Jr. or Ivanka Trump. The media would go apoplectic and demand that Trump be impeached and his children sent to jail in handcuffs.

But no such outcry has come against Joe Biden…and it likely never will.

Hunter just wants his cut of the action and he is good to go.

Sadly for him, his book will leave him a very small sliver of the action because he didn’t sell nearly as many copies as he expected.

But hey, if he needs some help, maybe he can contact his buddies in China. They could even give the “Big Man” a 10% cut.

That would be nice for him.

There is still time to salvage his book’s epic flop…don’t give up Hunter!

Unfortunately for Hunter, there seems to be no getting out of this embarrassment—that is, of course, unless social media censors negative stories about his book like they did to the New York Post when they reported about his laptop. But remember, Hunter says it may be his, but he can’t confirm.

See, blundering runs in the Biden household. It isn’t just Sleepy Joe who screws up and is a delight to laugh at, his son is just as capable as matching his old man.

In fact, it is more satisfying to make fun of Hunter because he has never earned an honest dollar in his life.

Poor Hunter. It won’t be long until we ask “where’s Hunter?” again. He will likely retreat from the spotlight in shame and no one could blame him.

Thanks for reading this week’s special edition of Biden’s Blunders. See you next Friday for the Next Biden Blunder.