Welcome to this week’s edition of Biden’s Blunders, where we have fun at the expense of the 46th president of the United States Joseph R. Biden.

Well, it was another week full of Biden Blunders. There was the time that Biden called for Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta because of the Georgia election integrity law, only for Biden’s team to deny he ever said it once the MLB followed his advice.

Then, there were the cringeworthy remarks he gave with an Easter bunny to celebrate the annual White House Easter Egg Roll for children.

But this week’s winner comes to us from Biden’s Thursday speech from the Rose Garden in which he announced gun control executive orders.

He said many outrageous things during the brief address, like when he said that none of the constitutional amendments are absolute. That might have been the most terrifying statement I have ever heard from an American president.

But that didn’t win this week’s Biden Blunder because it was serious, and not funny. The point of Biden’s Blunders is to have fun at the expense of the President.

During the address, Biden mumbled something so indecipherable that only a toddler could translate the garbled words that came out of his mouth.

From what I could make out, Biden said something along these lines: “absolutely determined to trunalimumdeprzure meet merfeathenrazasaur to get the job done.”


That’s our president, folks. Sleepy Joe often jumbles his words, speaks in a soft tone, shouts at random moments, and says stuff that leave heads scratching.

Sure, this is funny, but also very concerning. China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea are all laughing too, but for a different reason. They know that America has a weak leader who is fading before their eyes and there has never been a better time to take advantage of the United States than right now.

In his first press conference last month, Biden lost his train of thought several times and at one point completely blanked out and stood speechless for several seconds.

And we know he has a hard time climbing stairs to Air Force One.

The good thing for your humble correspondent is that Biden provides enough blunders to fill an entire book.

He provides me with job security, so for that I thank President Biden.

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