Biden’s COVID numbers are incredible…

It’s like he was inaugurated and, all of a sudden, the COVID-19 virus decided it didn’t want to deal with the “Big Guy” and the case numbers miraculously dropped.


Look at this chart. It shows a DRASTIC reduction in COVID cases from the time Joe Biden took over as President till now.

Crazy, right?

It makes you wonder what Joe Biden is doing so right and Trump did so wrong.

Could it be because Trump called the virus a “hoax”?

Well, no, that couldn’t be it because he never actually called the virus a “hoax.” He just said the way that the Left and the Democrats would use it against him would make it a hoax. There’s a huge difference.

Maybe it’s because Biden brought the vaccine to the American people?

Well, no, that can’t be it either because it was Trump and his commitment to Operation Warp Speed that got the vaccines out to the American people in less than a year from America’s first recorded case.

Could it be Biden’s COVID expert that’s making the difference?

Well, no, seeing as Biden kept Dr. Fauci in place—and since Fauci has said pretty much the same things he said under Trump, there’s no way that’s the difference.


What is it?

What is Biden doing that Trump didn’t do?

What’s his secret?

Well, I’ll tell you…

It’s being a Democrat.

Sleepy Joe Is Beating COVID Simply For Being A Democrat

Seriously, that’s the secret.

Because nothing has changed under Biden except the policies by the WHO that will make it harder to diagnose COVID-19.

No, this isn’t a joke. This is really what’s going on.

When Biden was inaugurated, the WHO released new guidelines which will make it “harder” to diagnose positive cases. The tests won’t be as liberal (no pun intended) with the distinction between positive and negative.

What are these guidelines?

Well, just one PCR test isn’t enough to be considered “positive” anymore, as health care providers “must” now consider other factors before diagnosing, such as other symptoms and patients’ medical history.

Not only that, but now a SECOND PCR test will now be required to diagnose any of the THOUSANDS of asymptomatic cases. Under Trump, only one positive test was enough.

Also, when it comes to retesting, the WHO now warns about PCR cycle counts, saying high cycle counts lead to inflated case numbers with false positives.

What do these guidelines mean?

Well, it means that the Biden administration will log fewer positive COVID cases because it’ll now be HARDER to get positive results when you take these new guidelines into consideration.

That’s how Biden is “beating” COVID.

He’s had the rules changed for him by the WHO, an organization that is firmly in China’s pocket, an organization from which Trump pulled funding and decoupled the US.

Oh yeah, Sleepy Joe rejoined the WHO just days into his presidency.

Do you think that had anything to do with the new guidelines?

Or were these going to come down the pike regardless of who the President was going to be?

I can’t make that conclusion for you…

But you can take a guess at which way I’m leaning.


“Favoritism manifests itself in all departments of government, public and private. It is the harder to avoid, because it is so natural.” – Thomas Chandler Haliburton


Editor’s Note:

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