Is Creepy Joe Biden a coward?

With an illustrious career in government spanning 50 years of civil service, you would think that Biden has formed both tough skin and a quick wit to ensure he doesn’t look weak on Capitol Hill…

But apparently, you’d be wrong. Biden and his team are pulling the most cowardly act a presidential race has ever seen: bowing out of ALL presidential debates.

Over the past few weeks, there’s been an effort to keep Joe out of the public eye as much as possible.

Now, his campaign team is telling the world that it’s because they’re trying to be socially responsible and limit exposure to COVID-19 – for him, his team, and his supporters.

That’s a smart play for multiple reasons…

It’s smart because it keeps Biden out of the public eye, because the last thing the DNC’s biggest gaffe machine needs is more time in front of the world to prove he’s more incompetent than anybody realized.

It’s smart because that’s not something you can prove.

There is a pandemic going on, so while you can question his cojones for wanted to stay hidden while the rest of the world tries to go back to business as usual, you can’t question that it’s a compassionate move as well…

And those Libs LOVE to appeal to the emotions of the people.

Biden’s Campaign Trying To “Ice” Trump

But it’s also smart because it could be frustrating to Trump. Watching Biden rise in the polls without having to do anything may fluster him to the point of making a mistake.

Sort of like an “icing the kicker” moment in football, calling a time out right before he’s ready to kick the game winning field goal, giving him more time to doubt himself and his abilities…


However, while we understand why the campaign doesn’t want him out and about, what we don’t understand is why his own supporters want him to stay sequestered away in his safe little basement.

You’d think that they’d want him out there, pounding the pavement and trying to drum up support for a Biden presidency…

Except they must feel the same way we do, thinking that Biden couldn’t handle it.

That there is NO way that Biden could stand up to the onslaught that would be a Trump vs. Biden debate – so they’re begging him to stay hidden in his own personal bunker…

Recently, a slew of political strategists, pundits, and even allies have become even more ardent and vocal for the former vice president to break tradition and refuse to participate in the three customary presidential debates.

Of course, the mainstream media has gotten on board with this too…

The New York Times says, “Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates”.

They’re not the only ones backing this movement either, as the Boston Herald’s headline read something similar: “Biden better walk back any offers to debate Trump.”

Former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart was a bit more forceful with his opinion in a CNN op ed piece, saying, “Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump,” – though he’s not pointing to Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, but rather because he believes Trump will throw out lies and unproven facts while on stage.

Will He Or Won’t He?

But we know the truth, don’t we?

They don’t want to see Biden get slaughtered verbally on stage against the much more cognizant Donald Trump.

They realize that putting him on stage with Trump will be certain death for his campaign…

And they can’t allow that to happen.

But Americans deserve to hear these two men’s ideas compete against each other on the stage…

And if they try to pull a fast one and take that from the American people, then Biden should be disqualified from the race and they should just hand the victory over to Trump.

Make no mistake…

They will try everything in their power to keep Biden off that debate stage – including saying he has coronavirus.

Think they won’t?

Watch and see what happens before the first scheduled debate on September 29th

If he gets sick, you can bet it’s a lie.

We know what they want and we know how far they’re willing to go to get it.

Never underestimate your opponent or how far they’ll go (or how low they’ll sink) to ensure victory.

Remember, it’s all they’ve got!


“The prayers of cowards fortune spurns.” – Ovid