Less than six months into the Biden Administration, the approval rating of the “most popular president in history” is already taking a nosedive amid stagnant economic growth, rising inflation, and the implementation of a variety of “America Last” policies.

Biden’s job approval rating has tanked to just 48 percent, a six-point drop from April, according to polling released this week.

Research from Monmouth University published Wednesday shows that Biden currently holds a job rating of 48 percent approve and 43 percent disapprove. 810 adults were polled via phone call between June 9 and 14.

The positive rating was determined by 86 percent of Democrats—which is down significantly from 95 percent in previous polling. But while Democrat approval of Biden dropped, Republican approval increased to 19 percent from a previous 11 percent.

57 percent of respondents indicated that, under Biden, the country has “gotten off on the wrong track,” which is a seven percent jump from April.

“Biden’s rating is still in net positive territory, but it seems to have taken a dip with the growing uncertainty that his signature spending plans will be enacted,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Those large spending plans include the COVID stimulus plan, infrastructure package, and proposals to expand access to healthcare, college, paid leave, and other services, the research stated.

Despite Biden’s many radical legislation proposals and orders, Democrats are becoming increasingly disillusioned by Biden for reasons unknown.

Monmouth’s research comes as rising concerns about Biden’s mental abilities amid mounting gaffes spark calls for the president to undergo a cognitive assessment.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) wrote a letter on behalf of several more House Republicans to push for Biden to take the cognitive assessment as his “mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past eighteen months,” Breitbart reported.

The Biden Administration has not yet committed to taking such an assessment any time soon, but his detrimental mistakes, lags, and gaffes, have undoubtedly tainted the public’s perception of him…which perhaps is a contributing factor to his declining approval rating among most Americans.