The Biden administration has unveiled an expansive plan to combat the race-based anti-Asian sentiment that has rooted itself in America since the Chinese coronavirus forced billions of people around the globe into lockdowns.

A fact sheet the White House released on Tuesday revealed several new initiatives to crack down on the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans which includes allocating pandemic relief funding toward the issue and establishing a DOJ cross-agency initiative.

HHS will be required to allocate $49.5 million from the 2020 pandemic relief bill, the American Rescue Plan, which will fund a new grant program for Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) survivors of “domestic violence and sexual assault”.

The Biden administration committed to “reinstating and reinvigorating the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, with initial focus on anti-Asian bias and violence,” the fact sheet reads.

Through the renewed program supporting the AAPI community, President Biden intends to require several federal agencies to coordinate and combat anti-Asian bias and violence, especially that which is “at the intersection of gender-based violence.”

In another measure the White House announced, HHS is ordered to establish a subcommittee as part of Biden’s COVID-19 Equity Task Force that will focus on providing, “recommendations to ensure the Federal Government’s response to COVID-19 mitigates anti-Asian xenophobia and bias.”

The subcommittee will also “advance health equity for specific Asian American communities, including Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian communities who have disproportionately been infected by and died from COVID-19,” and “lead policy sprints to develop actionable recommendations for advancing cultural competency, language access, and inclusion,” for members of AAPI.

There’s that word again – equity – not equality.

The Biden administration is now pushing to give the AAPI community health equity versus equality. Meaning that they will be given priority over other racial groups, not given the same opportunities as them. This is massively problematic when it comes to health.

Health should not be prioritized for any one group over another, all races deserve equal treatment under the law, but even more so when it comes to healthcare which could be a life or death situation.

But this is life in America under Democrat-control – “equality” is dead, “equity” is their goal.

Another significant measure the White House will be implementing is establishing a cross-agency task force to address anti-Asian violence. The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division will focus on adversities the AAPI community is facing by “re-initiating community outreach and engagement programs and addressing gaps in hate crimes reporting.”

This initiative will also focus on improving data on AAPI hate crimes, removing language access barriers to hate crimes information, increasing community resources and outreach, and training law enforcement nationwide on how to recognize and report on hate crimes.

Other measures the White House will betaking include launching a virtual library to promote Asian American history and their plight in America and funding research to address xenophobia against AAPI communities.

This comes after race-related attacks against Asian Americans skyrocketed last year.

NYPD’s hate crime task force recorded 28 anti-Asian attacks in 2020, compared to just two in 2019, the New York Post reported. NYPD had already seen two reported in 2021 as of mid-February.

The outlet also added the executive director of the Asian American Federation Jo-Ann Yoo said her nonprofit recorded at least 500 incidents since last year which they believe is an “undercount” as not everyone attacked has come forward with their stories.

Although the White House’s new measures to combat violence against Asians are stuffed with “equity” and vague terminology with vast amounts of funding, hopefully it’s not “all talk no action” and AAPI communities get the help they need during this turbulent time.