The dumbest thing I heard this week comes to us from the White House budget office… because no one is more fun at a party than someone who works for the White House Budget Office. I am sure those are real raging parties over in that department.

On Friday, President Biden is set to release his proposed budget of…wait for it…$6 trillion!

I mean, we are already approaching $28 trillion of national debt, so what the heck, what’s another $6 trillion in spending, am I right?

Oh, and that doesn’t even include all the unfunded liabilities, which could be upwards of $100 trillion or more. So, if money grows on trees now, let’s just give $ 1 million to every American from now until the end of time.

But I digress.

The dumbest thing I heard this week was uttered by White House budget office spokesperson Rob Friedlander. (That is a super- duper important position. Where would this country be if we didn’t have a budget office spokesperson?)

Friedlander said the following (get ready to laugh and cry at the same time):

“The President’s budget will focus on advancing the historic legislative agenda he’s already put forward for this year. The budget won’t propose other new initiatives but will put together the full picture of how these proposals would advance economic growth and shared prosperity while also putting our country on a sound fiscal course.”

Yes, spending $6 trillion will put America on a “sound fiscal course.” Who knew spending trillions of dollars would save money?

How does that work?

Typically, being sound fiscally requires less spending and less debt. I don’t know about you, but when I try to get my personal finances in order I usually put $ 100,000 on my credit card and call it good.

We truly are being governed by idiots.

Even the Washington Post reported that “The amount of outstanding federal debt will be larger than the entire U.S. economy throughout the rest of the decade, hitting 116 percent of all Gross Domestic Product in 2027. Taxes are projected to increase by more than $3 trillion over the decade.”

Do the math: even if Biden gets his $3 trillion tax increase passed, that leaves $3 trillion still not funded. I am no math genius, but I am pretty sure that is correct. (Although I can’t show my work on this math problem because, as we all know, showing our work is racist.)

And that was the dumbest thing I heard this week.

Check back with FreedomWire next week for the dumbest thing I heard…assuming our country hasn’t gone under by then.

Stay smart America!