Imagine being so rich that you could singlehandedly fund ALL 32 teams in the NFL for roughly the next 25 years.

That’s a lot of cheddar…

But that’s what happens when you’re at the helm of the first company in history to be worth a trillion dollars. While it seems outlandish, that’s actually something Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could do if the mood struck him.

If you’re mad at Jeff Bezos for his success, you shouldn’t be. He’s a shining example of capitalism here in the United States and he should be celebrated for his determination.

Of course, it’s a little hard to root for a man that has so much money and yet actively tries to destroy the system that helped him become so rich in the first place.

But that’s exactly what he does when he pushes the Leftist agenda, especially via his overly-biased newspaper The Washington Post.

It seems like, now that he has his money, he’s ready to deny anyone else the opportunity to make a similar fortune. It’s oddly reminiscent of the oligarchs of communist Russia…and maybe that’s the goal for guys like Bezos and Bill Gates. Who knows?

Either way, this wolf in sheep’s clothing got rich off of the capitalist system through determination and being one of the first people to see the wealth potential of the internet.

Does Jeff Bezos TRULY Care About Inequality?

However, now that he’s made it to the top, he’s staying rich by exploiting the poor of this country, paying them a pittance to work in the sweatshops he calls “warehouses.”

Bezos puts the warehouses in less fortunate neighborhoods and then pays the workers basically peanuts. Some make minimum wage, some make barely over it, but very few make a real decent wage.

It’s what helps keep Amazon’s bottom line so low.

However, the people that take those jobs are those that live in and around Amazon warehouses, which tend to be poor or minority neighborhoods. This helps the company take advantage of cheap labor.

Bezos pays them well enough that they can earn a meager living, but not enough for them to reach any level of success, parlaying their job into a better life.

This “woke” billionaire-going-on-trillionaire claims he’s behind Black Lives Matter in their fight for injustice, yet he’s a perpetuator of that same injustice, keeping his thumb on the minority workers he employs.

It’s disgusting.

Even worse, this “woke” hypocrite REVELS in virtue-signaling about how much he’s behind Black Lives Matter, bragging that his $1.25 trillion-dollar company is donating $10 million to organizations that are supporting this fight for justice and equality.

A Weak Gesture By An Even WEAKER Man


He’s got a whole webpage bragging about Amazon’s stand for justice by offering 1/125,000 of what his company is worth.

Isn’t that magnanimous of him?

Even more, he’s trying to shame other Americans for NOT supporting BLM, going out of his way to “expose” them on social media.

He recently shared a post from his Instagram where he admonishes one of his customers for not supporting BLM.

Check it out:

Here’s the truth…

Bezos doesn’t actually care. Like most of the people sharing black boxes and protest videos, he doesn’t truly care about what happens to black Americans. He only cares about getting the virtue points and keeping social justice warriors off his back.

He’s the LAST person who should be pointing fingers at customers who don’t agree with this stance. He should take a good hard look at how he treats the employees of his very own company and ask if he could do better.

If he were TRULY against injustice, he’d start by cleaning up his OWN house. Only then can he move on to helping fix the rest of the world.

Until then, this “woke” billionaire will be nothing more than a hypocrite…

Though it’s doubtful he even cares.


“If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.” – Jeff Bezos