Comrade Bernie Sanders has a new target in his class warfare: Walmart.

He is taking a break from railing against Jeff Bezos and Amazon and is turning his attention to Walmart.

Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States. They have created more jobs than any other employer outside of the government. Without Walmart there would be far less people employed in the U.S.

However, that isn’t good enough for Bernie the Red. He wants to force Walmart to pay their employees more.

You might be saying to yourself that that is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I support employees getting paid more; however, I am a bigger supporter of more workers being employed.

Here is a short economics lesson for Bernie. If you raise the price of labor, less people will be employed.

Economics 101.

Lesson over.

That is why minimum wage hurts more workers than it helps. By artificially raising wages above market value, employers can’t afford to hire as many workers, that in turn leads to less employment opportunities.

The very people who minimum wage is supposed to help are the ones that are being harmed.

Bernie Takes on Walmart.

Bernie made a campaign stop in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the home of Walmart World Headquarters.

Sanders stopped in Fayetteville during the annual Walmart shareholder meeting to rail against the retailer’s labor policies.

He got up to the mic and said, “ Walmart workers are sick and tired of being paid starvation wages while the Walton family, the wealthiest family in America, is worth over $170 billion. It is time for Walmart to pay all of its workers a living wage, give them a seat at the table, and allow part-time employees to work full-time jobs.”

It was nice of Bernie to offer the world’s most successful retailer advice. I am sure it was duly noted.

Probably not.

He failed to mention that Walmart raised it minimum pay to $11 an hour last year, how convenient of him.

There is a growing movement among a group of Walmart employees to have an employee sit on the Walmart board.

Walmart employee Cat Davis is the leader of workers’ rights organization United for Respect. She filed a plan during the shareholder meeting to urge board members to give an employee representative a spot at the table.

The plan states that “ at a time of deepening racial and economic divide and insecurity, hourly associates can guide a more fair, inclusive and equitable corporate ecosystem that bridges differences.

Of course, everything is about race and gender with leftists.

Far left VOX reported that “the proposal points out that Walmart’s lowest-paid workers are overwhelmingly female, black, and Latin and that their low wages keep them living in poverty.”

I know something about working at a grocery chain. I worked a stocking job at a grocery chain during my college years. I got paid less than the employees at Walmart get paid. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself in the job. I still like walking into stores and regaling my past experiences with workers in stores such as Walmart.

However, I was under no illusion that my job required a particular set of skills to perform. It was straight manual labor and customer service. In a free market, people are paid more based on their skill set and experience. To stock a shelve doesn’t require much skill.

I know that might not be a popular view, but it is a fact of economics.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to admit this fact to his supporters. He needs their support.