Sean and Ryan get FIRED UP while discussing the recent Bernie Sanders speech in which he tried to defend and define “Democratic Socialism.” Listen as they explain why Bernie’s vision would never work, how Bernie plans to reimagine American rights, why he’s so OBSESSED with other people’s money, and how he’s trying to mischaracterize Trump in as an authoritarian. Bottom line, socialism SUCKS! Join our mailing list: About FreedomWire: Our goals at FreedomWire are simple…Our first and, probably, our most important goal is to ensure that we keep only the truth in front of you and our other fellow patriots.We can say this openly and proudly – you will not find any “Fake News” here. In today’s America, it’s getting increasingly harder for conservatives to be recognized, let alone heard…Which is why our secondary goal is to create a community where we —true patriots — can voice our opinions and defend our rights.