What is Comrade Bernie’s newest idea?

Answer: Let prisoners vote.


Last weekend in Iowa, Sanders was asked if he supported the right of prisoners to vote in elections.

Sanders responded in the affirmative, “You’re paying a price, you committed a crime, you’re in jail. That’s bad … but you’re still living in American society, and you have a right to vote. I believe in that, yes, I do.”

I am sure this will be the new Democratic position on voting rights. Every time a Democratic candidate comes out with a new far-left position, the other candidates follow suit.

Comrade Bernie came out for Medicare for All — the other candidates joined him. Kamala Harris called for reparations for slavery — the other candidates joined her. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the “Green New Deal,” then the other candidates supported the legislation.

Notice a pattern?

Bernie is setting the trend on this issue.

Sanders is guaranteeing that the Democrats will run on policies that will be weak on crime.

Recently, the Democratic candidates fell in-line behind California Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order to suspend the death penalty.

The candidates that supported the executive order were: Kamal Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand.

The Democratic candidates continue to show their disdain for enforcing immigration laws. No matter how bad the criminals are, they continue to block the president’s efforts to build a wall and secure our borders.

Another example of their soft stance on crime.

Now Sanders wants to allow prisoners the right to vote.

Bernie’s home state of Vermont is one of only two states that allow people to vote while they’re in prison. Most states prohibit prisoners from voting while they’re locked-up behind bars.

This would be a radical move. The Supreme Court has upheld the right of states to prevent prisoners from voting.

Most states allow prisoners to regain their rights to vote when they leave prison.

However, they forgo that right when they are behind bars.

Letting the inmates vote would be like giving them the control of the asylum. Only the asylum is the entire country.

They would likely vote for politicians who are soft on crime and pander to them.

As of 2016, 6.1 million people were prevented from voting due to a felony conviction.

Left wing outlet, VOX, couldn’t help themselves. They jumped on the story and turned into a race issue.

VOX reported, “Since black Americans are more likely to go to prison, these laws have a disproportionate impact on black voters: While the overall disenfranchisement rate didn’t break 11% for any state, more than 20% of black voters were disenfranchised in Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia in 2016.”

Translation: These racial disparities are all in southern states, so they must be part of the legacy of “Jim Crow” laws in the south.

That is the liberal interpretation, because everything is racist to them.

Bernie Sanders should tread lightly with this policy position. This isn’t Vermont. Forty-eight other states don’t support letting prisoners vote. There is a reason for that. It will be difficult for him to win the support of 270 electors running on such a platform.

Check the news tomorrow to see how many of his Democratic opponents join him.