Joe Biden is cracking.

Though we knew that he probably wouldn’t make it to the 2020 race – after all, his mental capacity seems GREATLY diminished—Trump’s latest actions may have hastened Joe’s departure from the 2020 race.

Trump’s brilliant move placed a spotlight on Joe’s questionable political ethics, and it looks like it could be Biden’s downfall.

And not just from the presidential race in 2020, but from politics in general.

Even more…

It may DESTROY the entire legacy of Obama’s presidency since it all happened under his watchful eye.

As I discussed in an article yesterday, Biden is in CRISIS mode. He was willing to miss a high-priced campaign fundraiser and blame it on traffic rather than admit the obvious: that he and his team were more than likely holed up trying to figure a way out of the miss their party just dumped them in. (Read the previous article HERE)

They are facing the possibility – the very REAL possibility – of an investigation…

So better to strategize and find a way to spin this than act like nothing is happening.

However, as mentioned earlier…

It may already be too late.

Biden’s Losing Ground – Here’s PROOF!

That proof has come by way of the most recent Rasmussen Report poll that now has Trump pulling ahead of Biden by 4 points…

Up until recently, those numbers were reversed.

According to the survey of 1,000 voters, “Most voters expect Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee, but President Trump has the edge for now in next year’s presidential race.”

That’s HUGE…

Of course, one of the troubling and surprising takeaways from this poll is the fact that most Democrats believe that he will emerge victorious as the nominee for president, even with the looming possibility of a thorough investigation into the man and his family.


There are some national surveys that have shown Biden losing to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

But there’s something even MORE surprising…

The survey done by Rasmussen took place BEFORE the talk of impeachment and Trump’s release of the transcript of the phone call.


With everything coming to light – such as Hunter Biden’s appointment to the Ukrainian power company Burisma Energy and the subsequent firing, at Joe’s request, of the former attorney general who was investigating said company – that number may widen.

And now, with the pressure building, Joe is so desperate that he’s making up outright lies.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

In a recent campaign stop in Iowa, a local reporter asked Floppy Joe why Iowans should vote for him—or ANY other Democrat—when the state’s unemployment rate has dropped below 3% under Trump.

In classic Leftist fashion, Biden lied and said, “They were employed before [Trump] got elected. He’s not the reason for that employment rate being down.”

The truth is…

Iowa’s unemployment rate was above 3% when Trump first took office and has dropped almost a FULL percentage point (from 3.4% to 2.5%) under the current administration.

The reporter persisted after that answer, asking Biden even IF that were true, “Why should people want to make a change? Make your case.”

Biden, running low on energy and, apparently, answers replied, “I’m not going to.”

This is what happens when your energy is spent trying to figure out how to keep yourself and your son out of jail instead of preparing for a Q&A with reporters.

You can bet the questions are only going to get harder from here for Floppy Joe…

And it’s going to be fun to watch. You can bet his Democrat brethren running for President won’t come to his defense; they’ll leave him twisting in the wind.

The cracks are showing…

And Biden’s beginning to sink.


“There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.” – Sylvester Stallone