Top GOP Senators are keeping their pledge to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court as soon as possible prior to Election Day.

Despite a campaign from the Left to bully Republicans into delaying the vote until after the election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has confirmed the timeline of Barrett’s confirmation process.

“We will be voting to confirm Justice-to-be Barrett next Monday,” Mitch McConnell said during a press conference on Tuesday.

McConnell continued, “I think that will be another signature accomplishment in our effort to put on the courts, the federal courts, men and women who believe in a quaint notion that the job of a judge is to actually follow the law,” he affirmed.

This comes after Barrett participated in three consecutive days of confirmation hearings. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote Barrett out of the panel on Thursday in keeping with tradition prior to the Monday vote.

Thankfully, the Senate seems to have all the votes it needs to confirm Barrett. Even Republicans who are Never-Trumpers, like Mitt Romney, have vowed to vote in favor.

Ultimately, it is in all Republicans’ best interest to court their constituents by being ideologically consistent and confirming law-abiding Justices to the Supreme Court.

Barrett is expected to be confirmed on Monday by a party-line vote of 51-49. Although the Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the Senate, two GOP lawmakers have indicated they plan to oppose her confirmation.

Barrett’s confirmation could be at risk if just two more Republican Senators go haywire and side with the Left.

However, if they do so, it may squander their re-election chances as the public seems to favor Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court at record high levels, according to a recent Gallup poll.

“A slim 51% majority of Americans support federal judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the U.S. Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last month,” Gallup reports.

Although 82% of Democrats oppose her nomination, “Republicans’ support for Barrett’s nomination is also higher than any other nominee dating back to 1987.”

Nearly 89% of Republicans support Barrett compared to just 76% who were in favor of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Similarly, 52% of registered Independents also support her more than Trump’s previous SCOTUS appointees.

The record-high support Barrett has among most Americans is even more reason the Senate must act on behalf of the American people and vote accordingly. Too often politicians make the mistake of doing what is best for them politically, forgetting that they were elected by the people to do their bidding. Hopefully, they do what’s right and vote to confirm Barret to the nation’s highest court on Monday – or risk their re-election chances in November.