The Trump administration is taking significant steps to address the elephant in the room: human trafficking. Becoming a victim of trafficking is one of the biggest growing threats to children and women in America, and has long been a major issue worldwide.

Just last year, the State Department revealed that among the worst countries in the world for human trafficking is the United States, which is one of the top three nations of origin for the crime. Alongside the US is our neighbor on the Southern border, Mexico, as well as the Philippines.

Since President Trump’s election in 2016, Ivanka Trump has led the charge to combat the issue at the White House by creating a task force and secure funding for their efforts.

On Monday, US Attorney General William Barr was joined by Presidential Adviser Ivanka Trump and former football star Tim Tebow in Atlanta, Georgia, where he announced the federal government is allocating $100 million in grants to fight human trafficking.

Barr revealed the issue of human trafficking “is one of the top enforcement priorities” of the DOJ. “We’re on the forefront of this fight,” Barr affirmed.

At a round table discussion with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and other officials, Barr explained what the funding will help accomplish including providing housing and services for victims.

“I’m very proud that these resources are going to help law enforcement officers and victim service providers hold perpetrators accountable and give the victims of these crimes a place to turn for refuge and support,” he said.

This comes just one month after US Marshalls carried out Operation Not Forgotten which recovered 39 missing children in the Atlanta area over a period of two weeks. Soon after, Operation Safety Net successfully tracked down 35 missing children in Ohio, 20% of which were victims of human trafficking.

Ivanka Trump attributed the trip to celebrating Georgia’s “heroic” sting operations that found dozens of children.

She wrote on Twitter, “Congrats to the heroic action of Georgia’s Operation Not Forgotten, rescuing of 39 children from human traffickers. Good to be here in Atlanta, GA with AG Barr today to highlight our collaborative efforts to support state and local government in our mission to #EndTrafficking.”

Also present was former Florida Gator and NFL star Tim Tebow, who urged the dire importance of ramping up efforts to combat human trafficking. “We have to live with a sense of urgency to be able to rescue as many lives as possible,” Tebow remarked.

He also shared his personal reasons for rescuing children from traffickers, stating his father rescued girls from human trafficking while preaching abroad. Since then, Tebow became inspired to take on the issue himself by starting the Tim Tebow Foundation where he empowers Christians around the world to join the fight against trafficking.

The rampant but often overlooked issue of human trafficking is finally getting the attention it deserves after multiple busts this year have already recovered nearly 100 missing children. Soon, more will surely be rescued as federal funding is allocated to track down suspects and get the victims the refuge they need.