Normally, a high-profile hearing featuring Attorney General William Barr is an event where we learn new information regarding a situation. Every time the AG makes a statement, we can usually expect to gain some new understanding about what goes on behind-the-scenes in the DC Swamp. Yesterday was no different, and we saw Barr head to the Capitol building to discuss the federal response to the ongoing riots. However, the face-off we witnessed between AG Barr and the radical Leftist Democrats fell far short of a “hearing.” Rather it was more like five hours of contentious harassment against Barr, essentially round two of the witch hunt that anti-American, TDS-addled Leftists put Trump through.

They’re NOT giving up, and unfortunately, they turned a typically-informative Barr hearing into a disgraceful mess.

On Tuesday, Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee held a hearing where AG Barr testified on the federal response to the anarchist riots besieging our major cities.

There seem to be three key takeaways from this hearing. One, AG Barr stood strong on sending federal troops in to quell the chaos. “What we’re trying to do is restore the rule of law,” Barr said. Two, he opposed the Left’s racial narrative in that he doesn’t “agree there’s systemic racism in police departments generally in this country.” Three, the Democrats are vehemently upset that no matter what they do, they are losing, and the Trump administration is winning.

Thus, Democrats viciously berated the Attorney General, accused him of fear-mongering, and refused to let him answer their questions. What seemed like the most repeated phrase lawmakers used throughout the hearing was “I reclaim my time,” blocking Barr from finishing his answers – or responding at all to their five-minute lectures.

The Democrats repeatedly showed displays of emotional instability by yelling at Barr, and one congresswoman even told him to stop talking because she shouted, “I’m losing my temper!” After Barr described how dangerous groups like ANTIFA are, Nadler yelled, “You are projecting fear and violence nationwide… Shame on you Mr. Barr, shame on you!” Yes, telling the truth is shameful to the Left.

It blows my mind that these people are qualified to be House representatives. But this is the Democrats’ game. Whoever is louder and more emotional wins points on their team and gains more power. That’s why Squad members Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Ayana Pressley are so beloved by the Democrat party and are given a platform. They are loud, unapologetic puppets of radical Leftism.

The behavior of the Democrats during the hearing seemed more like an audition for who will be their next star, than any productive legal proceeding—and all at the United States Attorney General’s expense, who is unfortunately subject to their political abuse.

Of course, that wasn’t the only topic on which they grilled the nation’s top law enforcement official.

They also interrogated him about Russian election interference, Trump’s conversations with foreign countries, and his role in Trump’s campaign discussions. And we can’t forget the questions relating to Trump’s pardon of Roger Stone as well as the failed Mueller investigation.

The bottom line is this hearing was simply an opportunity for Democrats to lash out at the Right, attack the President, audition for power, and campaign for their own reelection. Nothing they said deals with reality or shows any inclination to attempt to bridge the divide between the Left and the Right on issues like police brutality and racial injustice. They don’t want to further any conversation. They want to shut the Right down. It’s the same theme for every issue because silencing conservatives is the only chance they have at regaining political power.