Oh, how the tables have turned. Democrats may not have urban cities left to run if small business owners, who drive local economies, go on a tax strike.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time in U.S. history that Americans demonstrated against a government that does not represent the will of the people.

Remember the Boston Tea Party?

It’s about time Americans stand up against the modern form of “taxation without representation” where Democrats impose progressive policies that threaten the livelihoods of law-abiding citizens in order to pursue their own political interests.

Dozens of businesses in the Baltimore area decided this week they are not going to take the abuse on their tax dollars anymore – unless the city changes course.

Nearly 40 Fells Point businesses say they will withhold their city taxes and other fees until Baltimore re-funds the police, cleans up the city, and enforces local laws, WJZ 13 reported.

“What is happening in our front yard — the chaos and lawlessness that escalated this weekend into another night of tragic, unspeakable gun violence — has been going on for far too long,” stated the letter addressed to several city officials, including Mayor Brandon Scott.

‘Please Do Your Job’: Following Violent Weekend, 37 Fells Point Businesses Threaten To Withhold City Taxes


Funds withheld will reportedly be placed in an escrow account until the city satisfies requests including picking up trash, enforcing traffic and parking laws, halting illegal alcohol and drug sales in public, and increasing police presence, the outlet added.

“When it comes to prostitution, public urination and defecation, and the illegal sale and consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs on the streets, we know these crimes are not as serious as the carjacking’s, shootings, and homicides that have become routine,” said the letter obtained by WJZ 13. “But, as this past weekend proved, a culture of lawlessness rarely remains confined to petty offenses and invariably leads to the kinds of violence and tragedy we witnessed late Saturday night.”

“Frankly, it’s pathetic that we have to ask for these basics,” the business owners continued. “But this is where we are.”

Small businesses located in urban cities across America should follow this example to pressure city officials into doing their jobs and protecting law-abiding citizens.

Although it is sad that it has come to this point, as the letter noted, it’s the only way to effect change from power-hungry, agenda-driven politicians who expect their constituents to suffer while they enjoy taxpayer funded pay checks in their wealthy neighborhoods where they are unaffected by their own policies.