Winning is awesome.

You know that, though. If you’re old enough to be reading this, you lived through four years of Trump’s presidency where all America was winning everything and everywhere.

However, like everything that Americans have come to love, the Left has deemed it “bad” to win.

Even the celebration of a victory—including someone else’s—is frowned upon.

It’s ridiculous…but that’s where we are.

When Australian Olympian swim coach Dean Boxall watched his protégé Ariarne Titmus beat American Katie Ledecky, one of the greatest swimmers of all time, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

He celebrated with abandon, ripping off his face mask and running up and down the coaching box where he was, yelling with obvious joy for his swimmer.

It was a moment of pure exuberance caught on camera, and it was beautiful to see someone taking such joy in someone else’s victory.

But that joy and beauty was short-lived.

The global woke mob got in on the action to denounce Coach Boxall’s antics as nothing more than “toxic masculinity,” complete with claims that he overshadowed his swimmer’s accomplishments with the way he acted.

Woke Mob Weighs In

The Twittersphere was all abuzz with words of condemnation for Boxall’s celebration.

Twitter user Laura Chapin said: “What the Australia coach did isn’t funny or cute. It bigfoots a woman athlete winning a gold medal and centers the attention on him. It’s vulgar and frankly offensive and he should apologize to her and everyone else.”

Interesting take there, Laura… especially when Boxall wasn’t even aware that there were cameras on him.

How does one “bigfoot” a woman athlete when he wasn’t even aware that anybody was watching him?

Of course, Ms. Chapin wasn’t the only one to talk about Boxall’s celebration. A user that goes by the user name Kate said, “That Australian swim coach is toxic as f*ck and I hope these athletes don’t have to deal with him too much longer. There’s no way he’s not building unsafe relationships. With all we know about athlete mental health, especially Olympic athletes, it’s extra disgusting.”

What?! Are you seriously going to make a snap judgment on a person like this?

He’s building “unsafe” relationships because of the way he celebrated a happy moment?

Is that how far down we’ve fallen as a society? Can’t we take a moment and allow the person to just be… human?!

This is what it’s like to CARE, people…

When you care with all your heart and soul about something, when you put so much of yourself into a goal and that goal is realized, it’s hard to contain the emotions you’ve built up.

What It’s Like To Be HUMAN!

This is a purely human response, and we’ve seen similar situations play out time and time again over the decades in sports competitions.

The problem is that we’re living in 2021, where authentic human response is all but outlawed.

For his part, Boxall has REFUSED to apologize for his unbridled exuberance—which is great!

While he did express regret for ripping the mask off, he’s NOT sorry he was excited. “I lost it. I think I went outside my body. I just lost it. That’s a moment of being with this girl for five years and having a dream together. The Americans might not like it, I don’t know. But I bleed with my athletes.”

Good on you, Dean.

Your work was on grad display.

And I’ll tell you something that the rest of America won’t tell you: we need MORE of your enthusiasm!

We need MORE of this kind of emotion from people who love and care about their people, not LESS.

It’s not “toxic”; it’s absolutely necessary and a beautifully pure reaction to something that should be celebrated.

Don’t listen to the woke mob.

They’re clueless.

Listen to your heart.


“While we are living in the present, we must celebrate life every day, knowing that we are becoming history with every work, every action, every deed.” – Mattie Stepanek