I hate social media.

I truly do.

The fact that I have to have these accounts for my work and business is the only reason I have them at all.

If it were to disappear forever, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

If I’m being frank, while I can see its merits, I think social media is going to be the downfall of American society. If you were to look at the political divide in compared to the rise of social media, I’m sure you’d see a correlation.

Not to mention the countless numbers of relationships that it has helped ruin.

I know more than a few people whose marriages have fallen apart, either due directly to infidelity facilitated through social media or through one spouse’s addiction to the digital crack pipe.

But to disregard it as a tool to stay informed or to stay connected to friends and family that have moved away would be disingenuous.

Social media does have a place in our world…

However, so many people have made it such a large part of their lives that it’s become unhealthy.

But even so, it wasn’t until the 2016 election cycle that I came to believe social media was dangerous to America’s future.

How easily information was manipulated and then believed by the general public was absolutely horrifying.

Is Social Media The Downfall Of Our Country?

People literally believed there were videotapes of Donald Trump being urinated on by Russian prostitutes, and that was entirely because the Steele Dossier was pushed as fact instead of the piece of fiction it actually was.

It was 2016 that I truly saw friends become foes…I saw families ripped apart…I watched lifelong best friends become bitter enemies over the course of one conversation. It was as disgusting as it was horrifying.

However, it was the 2020 election cycle that really showed us beyond a shadow of a doubt how damaging social media could be. The Left was able to propagate their agenda with fully support because the Left-leaning mainstream media and social media platforms came together to work against Donald Trump and conservative values.

Think this isn’t true?

Then why was it only Conservative posts that were fact-checked?

Why were anti-Trump and anti-Conservative posts allowed to flow unfettered by the legions of fact-checkers that Facebook and Twitter employ?

There were a bunch of lies that the Left told during that time…

And I didn’t see ONE fact-checking of these posts.

They were controlling the national narrative…

And if you don’t think they have that kind of power, then you’re just plain naïve. The influence that social media has is not only far-reaching, it’s powerful—just ask any falsely-accused victim of the #MeToo movement.

However, social media—more specifically Facebook—may have met the architect of their downfall…


Aussies Start The Fire… Will It Stay Lit?

Facebook is facing a massive boycott campaign by angry Aussies after the tech company decided to ban users in the Land Down Under from accessing news stories for which Facebook would be required to pay.

Hashtags such as #DeleteFacebook, #BoycottZuckerberg, and #FacebookWeNeedToTalk have been trending on Twitter recently as anger at this information disconnection grows.

Facebook said it chose to block news content rather than comply with a new law set to be passed in Australia that will force the social media company  (worth over three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars) to pay news organizations for “hosting” their content.

This comes on the heels of Facebook banning content in Uganda during an election.

So, these calls are more than just a knee-jerk reaction. Either reform or a breakup of the company has been long overdue.

The question is: will people abide by the boycott?

Will people delete their pages and remove the app from their devices?

Because the only way a boycott works is if the people participate in it.

It’s high time that these people learned their lesson…

And only WE can teach it to them.

Let’s hope it takes…


“I think there should be regulations on social media to the degree that it negatively affects the public good.” – Elon Musk


Editor’s Note:

Believe it or not, not all Big Tech is bad for our country. Honestly, there are opportunities around almost every corner in the world of Big Tech, and if you’re able to take advantage, you could walk away with a nice chunk of change. Social media may be the downfall of America, but there are other companies that could give people a shot at Big Tech’s big bucks! In fact, Amazon could soon be giving us one of those opportunities—and one of Jeff Bezos last moves before announcing he’s stepping down as CEO could change EVERYTHING! See what Bezos and company have brewing in this quick video…