The Biden administration’s latest jobs reports have drastically fallen short of Wall Street’s expectations in recent months, but the latest report to come out of the Labor Department is even more damning.

A record number of American workers quit their jobs in August, even amid an abundance of job openings.

According to the Labor Department, 4.3 million Americans left their jobs, marking a 20-year high.

CNBC reported the following:

“The quits rate rose to 2.9%, an increase of 242,000 from the previous month, which saw a rate of 2.7%, according to the department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey. The rate, which is measured against total employment, is the highest in a data series that goes back to December 2000.”

Economists attribute the high number of workers leaving their current jobs to a competitive job market and continued pandemic benefits.

Even the Associated Press reported that one of the main reasons for the drastic increase in increased vacancies is because of federal and state stimulus checks and prolonged unemployment benefits.

“Layoffs and lockdowns, combined with enhanced unemployment benefits and stimulus checks, gave many Americans the time and the financial cushion to rethink their careers,” AP reported. “Employers and business groups argue that the $300-per-week federal unemployment supplement gives recipients less incentive to look for work.”

While it makes sense that many Americans would return to work and come to the realization that they could make a decent living by just staying at home and relying on government benefits, there is another factor that the mainstream media isn’t speculating on.

Vaccine mandates.

In August, companies and state governments began ramping up their enforcement of tyrannical vaccine mandates, particularly for healthcare workers, government employees, and teachers.

This resulted in thousands of layoffs across the country as unvaccinated hospital workers were forced out of work due to their medical status.

Joe Biden in early September announced the national vaccine mandates for federal workers, healthcare workers, and any private businesses with over 100 employees.

This likely played into the high number of workers who voluntarily left their jobs to find work elsewhere.