Arizona, one of the six states contested by the Trump campaign after the 2020 presidential election, has become the latest state to take proactive steps to curb voter fraud in future elections.

Two bills passed by Arizona’s House of Representatives last week would close loopholes that enable voter fraud, including the elimination of mass mail-in voting.

Republican State Rep. Jake Hoffman moved the pack of legislation forward through the state legislature in order to provide a framework for election reform nationwide, Just The News reported.

If passed, HB 2792, would prohibit mail-in ballots from being mass distributed even to voters who did not request one. The bill would make it a class five felony to violate it.

According to another part of the legislation package, HB 2569, private funding of election activities would be prohibited to prevent Big Tech from meddling in elections.

The bills would ban same-day voter registration, improve hand count audit accuracy, and prevent government officials from changing statutory voting deadlines. Violating these laws would be a class six felony, Just the News added.

Hoffman told the outlet the goal of the package is to protect Arizonans from the “primary bad [election] policies that are happening across the country.”

Election integrity is “on the minds of Arizonans, as Arizona was a swing state in this last election and played a crucial role…not only [in] the determination of who became president, but also in terms of the conversation on election anomalies and irregularities,” he said.

Hoffman’s legislation will be voted on in the state Senate next before heading to the governor’s desk to either be vetoed or signed into law.

Arizona’s proposed election reform strongly mirrors that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ proposed package of election reform laws announced last month. Georgia’s House of Representatives passed similar legislation as well.

Behind Florida and Georgia, Arizona is the third state to push for election reform well ahead of the next presidential election to prevent future voter fraud.